10 Facts About Beaverton Oregon


Beaverton is a city in Washington County, in the U S state of Oregon that is located 7 miles west of Portland in the Tualatin Valley.

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Beaverton Oregon is an economic center for Washington County along with neighboring Hillsboro.

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Beaverton Oregon was followed by Thomas Denney in 1848, who came to the area and built its first sawmill.

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In December 2004, the city and Washington County announced an "interim plan" which would lead to Beaverton becoming the second-largest city in Oregon, second only to Portland.

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The city of Beaverton Oregon attempted to annex certain businesses, including Nike, which responded with a legal and lobbying effort to resist the annexation.

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In 2014, the City of Beaverton Oregon moved its city hall into The Beaverton Oregon Building, an office building in The Round.

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Beaverton Oregon eventually won the legal fight in 2009 with the city, thus the company was de-annexed from the city.

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Beaverton Oregon is home to the world headquarters of Nike, Inc Its headquarters are located on an unincorporated area inside, but excluded from, Beaverton Oregon city limits.

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In January 2013, Beaverton became the first city in Oregon to have an ice rink dedicated to the sport of curling, the Evergreen Curling Club.

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Beaverton Oregon is served by transit bus, commuter rail, and light rail services operated by the Portland metropolitan area's regional transit agency, TriMet.

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