15 Facts About Bebe Daniels


Phyllis Virginia "Bebe" Daniels was an American actress, singer, dancer, writer, and producer.


Bebe Daniels began her career in Hollywood during the silent film era as a child actress, became a star in musicals such as Rio Rita, and later gained further fame on radio and television in Britain.


Bebe Daniels's father was a travelling theater manager, Scottish-born Melville Daniel MacNeal, who changed his name to Danny Daniels after a disagreement with his own father over his ambition to change from the medical profession to show business.


Bebe Daniels's mother was Phyllis de Forest Griffin, born in Colombia of an American father and a Colombian mother, a stage actress who was in Danny's travelling stock company when their child was born.


Bebe Daniels made the transition from child star to adult in Hollywood in 1922 and by 1924 was playing opposite Rudolph Valentino in Monsieur Beaucaire.


Bebe Daniels was hired by the new studio Radio Pictures to star in its first feature, the Technicolor musical Rio Rita, co-starring the comedy team of Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey.


Bebe Daniels became established as a musical star, and RCA Victor hired her to record several records for their catalog.


Toward the end of 1930, Bebe Daniels appeared in the musical comedy Reaching for the Moon, released through United Artists.


Bebe Daniels had become associated with musicals, and Radio Pictures did not renew her contract.


Bebe Daniels was arrested and committed to the Arizona State Asylum.


Bebe Daniels retired from Hollywood in 1935 with her husband, film actor Ben Lyon, and their two children, and moved to London.


Bebe Daniels returned to the UK in 1948 and lived there for the remainder of her life.


Bebe Daniels suffered a severe stroke in 1963 and withdrew from public life.


On March 16,1971, Bebe Daniels died of a cerebral hemorrhage in London at the age of 70.


Bebe Daniels's remains were cremated at London's Golders Green Crematorium and the ashes returned to the United States; she was interred at the Chapel Columbarium at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.