12 Facts About Bebi Dol


Dragana Todorovic, known under the stage name Bebi Dol, is a Serbian singer-songwriter and actress.

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Bebi Dol is recognised as one of the most prominent artists in the 1980s and is best known for representing SFR Yugoslavia at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest with "Brazil".

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Bebi Dol graduated from a regular gymnasium and attended Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Belgrade.

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Bebi Dol made her first studio recordings as a guest vocalist on the album Vrt svetlosti by Igra Staklenih Perli, released in 1980.

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Bebi Dol then spent two years performing in Sheraton hotel located in Cairo, Egypt.

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Bebi Dol won the eminent MESAM music festival with "Insalah", the satire on the position of women in Islam, which was later released on a split 7-inch single together with Zana Nimani's "Ruza na dlanu".

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Bebi Dol appeared on the 1988 MESAM Festival, performing "Slatke suze ljubavi", and on the 1989 MESAM with "Kad sreca odlazi" —winning the Best Interpretation Award.

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In 1991, after several previous attempts, Bebi Dol was finally chosen as the Yugoslavian entry for Eurovision with the song "Brazil".

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Bebi Dol infamously took only one point for the evening and became the last artist to represent SFR Yugoslavia at the contest, as the country de facto ceased to exist later that year.

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Bebi Dol received invitation to perform at the Sanremo Music Festival but was unable to attend due to wars on former Yugoslavian territory.

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Bebi Dol performed "Ruza" at the 1999 "Child of Tomorrow" charity concert held in Helsinki, Finland, alongside other musicians from around the world.

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In 2017, Bebi Dol was a contestant in the fourth Serbian season of Your Face Sounds Familiar, winning the first episode as Emeli Sande.

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