10 Facts About Bediha Muvahhit


Bedia Bediha Muvahhit was born on Emine Bedia Sekip; 1896 – 20 January 1994 and was a Turkish stage and movie actress.

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Bediha Muvahhit's is remembered as one of the first Muslim movie actresses in Turkey debuting in 1923.

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Bediha Muvahhit's was born in 1896 to Sekip Bey, a prosecutor from profession, and his wife Refika in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire.

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Bediha Muvahhit's began her primary education at Saint Antoine School on Buyukada, and went on at Kadikoy Terakki School for secondary education.

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Bedia Bediha Muvahhit was employed in 1914 as a switchboard operator at the state-owned telephone company in Istanbul becoming one of the first Muslim women in the Ottoman Empire to work at the public service sector.

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In 1923, Bedia Bediha Muvahhit quit her teacher post, and devoted herself to an acting career.

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Bediha Muvahhit's married in 1933 to Friedrich von Statzer, aka later Ferdi Statzer, an Austrian musician, who came in 1932 to Turkey, and was teaching classical piano at the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory and serving as a composer and classical pianist at the Istanbul Municipal Theatre, where she was acting on stage.

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Bediha Muvahhit's learned in one day her role of "Saride" in the play Ceza Kanunu, an adaption by Ahmet Nuri Sekizinci from the 1907 French play "Vingt jours a l'ombre" by Pierre Veber and Maurice Hennequin.

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Bediha Muvahhit's performed then in more than 200 plays in municipal theatres.

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Bedia Bediha Muvahhit died on 20 January 1994 aged 98 in Istanbul University Hospital, where she was taken following a home accident.

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