11 Facts About Beechworth


Beechworth is a well-preserved historical town located in the north-east of Victoria, Australia, famous for its major growth during the gold rush days of the mid-1850s.

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Between 1852 and 1857, Beechworth was a gold producing region and centre of government; but its power, wealth and influence were short lived.

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The extravagance of this event is still commemorated as the logo for Beechworth is a golden horseshoe.

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At the time, Beechworth was far removed from the centre of colonial administration in Melbourne both in distance and time taken to travel.

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The local debates around the potential railway into Beechworth encompassed a broad gauge option or a narrow gauge system, between Wangaratta and Beechworth and these debates and options appeared in the Ovens and Murray Advertiser newspaper.

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Isaacs further represented Beechworth and surrounding areas when he was elected to the first Federal Parliament in 1901 to the seat of Indi.

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Beechworth served until 1906 when he was appointed to the High Court.

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George B Kerferd, a longtime resident of Beechworth, became a Premier of Victoria and was a major participant in ensuring Beechworth had a railway connection to Melbourne.

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Beechworth's diaries were later published as The Difficulties of My Position.

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Beechworth's climate is thus more reminiscent of that in Central Victoria.

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Beechworth has a swimming complex consisting of three pools of varying sizes for babies, kids and adults.

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