19 Facts About Ben Burtt


Ben Burtt was the sound editor for WALL-E and performed the vocalizations of the titular character as well as other robots in the film.


Ben Burtt has won four Academy Awards, two of which are Special Achievement Academy Awards.


Ben Burtt has directed numerous documentary films and was the editor of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.


Ben Burtt was born in Jamesville, New York, on July 12,1948.


The son of a chemistry professor and a child psychologist, Ben Burtt made films as a child, and later studied physics at Allegheny College, Pennsylvania, graduating in 1970.


Ben Burtt made films during his time in college, and in 1970 won a National Student Film Festival for his war film entitled Yankee Squadron, reputedly after following exposure to classic aviation drama.


Ben Burtt had previously made an amateur film at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, a living aviation museum in Red Hook, New York, under guidance from its founder, Cole Palen.


Ben Burtt pioneered many aspects of modern sound design, especially in the science-fiction and fantasy-film genres.


Ben Burtt sought a more natural sound, blending in "found sounds" to create the effects.


Ben Burtt created the "voice" of the title character and many other robots in Pixar's film WALL-E, about a lonely garbage-compacting robot.


Additionally, Ben Burtt is responsible for the sound effects in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


Ben Burtt has a reputation for including a sound effect dubbed "the Wilhelm scream" in many of the movies he has worked on.


Ben Burtt was among the golden ears that critically reviewed the various audio compression systems that were proposed for the ATSC 1.0 digital television system.


Ben Burtt has directed several IMAX documentary films, including Blue Planet, Destiny in Space, and the Oscar-nominated Special Effects: Anything Can Happen.


Ben Burtt edited the entire Star Wars prequel trilogy, and several episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


Ben Burtt wrote several episodes of the 1980s Star Wars cartoon Droids.


Ben Burtt makes a cameo appearance in two of the Star Wars films as an extra.


The scream as Ben Burtt falls is his own imitation of the Wilhelm scream that he popularized.


Ben Burtt was awarded the Doctor of Arts, honoris causa, by Allegheny College on May 9,2004.