19 Facts About Benny Goodman

1. Benny Goodman was a member of the radio division of the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

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2. Benny Goodman hired Teddy Wilson for his trio and added vibraphonist Lionel Hampton for his quartet.

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3. Benny Goodman died at the age of 77 at Manhattan House.

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4. Benny Goodman continued to play on records and in small groups.

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5. Benny Goodman reunited the band to tour with Louis Armstrong.

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6. Benny Goodman recorded the clarinet concertos of Weber and Carl Nielsen.

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7. Benny Goodman consulted his friend Mary Lou Williams for advice on how to approach the music of Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.

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8. Benny Goodman took the discovered recording to Columbia, and a selection was issued on LP as The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert.

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9. Benny Goodman contracted Artists Recording Studio to make two sets.

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10. Benny Goodman played three concerts produced by Chicago socialite and jazz aficionado Helen Oakley.

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11. In November 1935 Benny Goodman accepted an invitation to play in Chicago at the Joseph Urban Room at the Congress Hotel.

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12. Benny Goodman spent six months performing on Let's Dance, and during that time he recorded six more Top Ten hits for Columbia.

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13. Benny Goodman hired Henderson's band members to teach his musicians how to play the music.

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14. Benny Goodman reached the charts for the first time when he recorded "Benny Goodman's Not Worth Your Tears" with a vocal by Scrappy Lambert for Melotone.

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15. Benny Goodman moved to New York City and became a session musician for radio, Broadway musicals, and in studios.

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16. Benny Goodman made his professional debut in 1921 at the Central Park Theater on the West Side of Chicago.

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17. Benny Goodman attended Lewis Institute in 1924 as a high-school sophomore and played clarinet in a dance hall band.

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18. Benny Goodman received two years of instruction from classically trained clarinetist Franz Schoepp.

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19. Benny Goodman was the ninth of twelve children born to poor Jewish emigrants from the Russian Empire.

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