12 Facts About Berkelium


Berkelium is a transuranic radioactive chemical element with the symbol Bk and atomic number 97.

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Berkelium was the fifth transuranium element discovered after neptunium, plutonium, curium and americium.

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Berkelium is relatively soft and has one of the lowest bulk moduli among the actinides, at about 20 GPa .

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Berkelium is one of the elements that have been detected in Przybylski's Star.

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Berkelium is produced by bombarding lighter actinides uranium or plutonium with neutrons in a nuclear reactor.

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Berkelium-247 was produced during the same year by irradiating Cm with alpha-particles:.

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Berkelium-242 was synthesized in 1979 by bombarding U with B, U with B, Th with N or Th with N It converts by electron capture to Cm with a half-life of 7.

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Berkelium is then extracted with ion exchange, extraction chromatography or liquid-liquid extraction using HDEHP, amines, tributyl phosphate or various other reagents.

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Berkelium fluoride is a yellow-green ionic solid and is isotypic with uranium tetrafluoride or zirconium tetrafluoride.

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Berkelium fluoride is a yellow-green solid, but it has two crystalline structures.

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Berkelium phosphate has been prepared as a solid, which shows strong fluorescence under excitation with a green light.

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Berkelium-249 is a common target nuclide to prepare still heavier transuranium elements and superheavy elements, such as lawrencium, rutherfordium and bohrium.

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