16 Facts About Bernard Tapie


Bernard Roger Tapie was a French businessman, politician and occasional actor, singer, and TV host.


Bernard Tapie was Minister of City Affairs in the government of Pierre Beregovoy.


The boat was transported to Marseille, where Bernard Tapie had his football team, and restored for two years.


Bernard Tapie took command of it with a new crew in 1988 and broke the world record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean.


Bernard Tapie's club was stripped of its French league championship, though not of the Champions League title, and later suffered a forced relegation to the second division because of this match-fixing suspicion.


In 1994, Bernard Tapie was under criminal investigation for complicity of corruption and witness tampering.


Bernard Tapie made his fortune in the late 1970s and 1980s by acquiring bankrupt companies.


Bernard Tapie took up a loan syndicated with a banking pool with a majority of foreign banks, and in minority from French backers, in particular with the SdBO, the subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais group hidden for several years.


In 1995, Adidas was listed on the Stock Exchange for a valuation of 11 billion francs, nearly six times the price paid by Robert to Bernard Tapie to acquire it.


Bernard Tapie subsequently had a number of legal difficulties associated with the sale of the company, conducted by the French state-owned Credit Lyonnais, which was sanctioned for lack of loyalty and for breaching the obligation not to buy the company themselves.


In 1995, Bernard Tapie turned to artistic endeavors because he was unable to pursue his previous interests: he was personally bankrupt and therefore unable to pursue business ventures, he was declared ineligible to run for political office, and he was banned from football.


Bernard Tapie starred, together with Fabrice Luchini, in Claude Lelouch's 1996 movie Hommes, femmes, mode d'emploi.


From 2001 to 2005, Bernard Tapie acted in theater plays and appeared in the French TV series Valence as a police chief.


In 2018, Bernard Tapie was diagnosed with double cancer.


Bernard Tapie was later treated in France and in Belgium, partially with experimental treatments.


Bernard Tapie had been suffering from stomach cancer for several years.