8 Facts About Bernie Taupin

1. In 1991, Bernie Taupin self-published a book of poems called The Devil at High Noon.

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2. In 1988, Bernie Taupin published an autobiography of his childhood entitled A Cradle of Haloes: Sketches of a Childhood.

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3. In 1973, Bernie Taupin collected all his lyrics up through the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album into a book entitled Bernie Taupin: The One Who Writes the Words for Elton John.

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4. In 1996, Bernie Taupin formed a band called Farm Dogs, whose two albums were conscious throwbacks to the grittier, earthier sound of Tumbleweed Connection.

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5. In 1980, Bernie Taupin recorded his first album as a singer, He Who Rides the Tiger.

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6. In 1971, Bernie Taupin recorded a spoken-word album entitled Taupin, in which he recites some of his early poems against a background of impromptu, sitar-heavy music created by some members of Elton's band, including Davey Johnstone and Caleb Quaye.

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7. On 25 March 2007, Bernie Taupin made a surprise appearance at John's 60th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden, briefly discussing their 40-year songwriting partnership.

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8. In 1967, Bernie Taupin answered an advertisement placed in the UK music paper New Musical Express by Liberty Records, a company that was seeking new songwriters.

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