62 Facts About Bertie Ahern

1. Bertie Ahern said the prayer was "like our Confiteor" and officials had wondered why they had spent so much time alone.

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2. Bertie Ahern supports English soccer outfit Manchester United Football Club and attends matches at Old Trafford, as well as Scottish soccer outfit Celtic Football Club and rugby matches at Lansdowne Road.

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3. Bertie Ahern is a supporter of Dublin GAA and attends inter-county matches in Croke Park.

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4. Bertie Ahern was the first, and is the only, Taoiseach to have a legal separation from his wife.

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5. Bertie Ahern has two daughters from his marriage: Georgina and Cecelia.

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6. In October 2018, Bertie Ahern was appointed to chair the Bougainville Referendum Commission, which is responsible for preparing an independence referendum in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, which is expected to take place in 2019.

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7. In February 2015, Bertie Ahern received an honorary doctor of laws degree from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.

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8. Bertie Ahern enjoyed in that period, a €92,672 TD's salary and expenses.

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9. Bertie Ahern is registered with the Washington Speakers Bureau which charged $40,000 per speech—and he gave 16 speeches in 2009.

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10. Bertie Ahern wrote a sports column in the now-closed Rupert Murdoch-owned Sunday newspaper News of the World.

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11. Bertie Ahern was appointed Chairman of the International Forestry Fund on 1 January 2010.

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12. Bertie Ahern was appointed to an advisory board of an Irish company Parker Green International.

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13. Bertie Ahern had no social or economic vision for the state he led.

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14. In October 2018, Bertie Ahern was appointed to chair the Bougainville Referendum Commission, which is responsible for preparing the 2019 independence referendum.

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15. Bertie Ahern said in April 2018 that he is considering running for President in 2025 as an independent candidate.

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16. Bertie Ahern said in January 2011, there was no hope of Fianna Fail retaining two seats in his Dublin Central constituency.

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17. Bertie Ahern said he had made it clear as far back as 2002, that it was always his plan to step down as a TD before he was 60.

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18. In September 2011, Bertie Ahern was criticised by his party, Fianna Fail, with a senior party figure saying "Every public utterance he makes digs it deeper every time.

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19. Bertie Ahern was commenting on reports that Ahern had claimed €265,000 for "secretarial services" and €7,500 on mobile phone bills since he stepped down in May 2008.

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20. In September 2011, Bertie Ahern said he believed that he would have "done all right" in the presidential election but for the decline in the popularity of Fianna Fail.

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21. On 25 October 2007, Bertie Ahern was criticised after the government accepted a recommendation from the Review Body on Higher Remuneration that senior civil servants and ministers receive pay increases.

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22. Bertie Ahern admitted to the Mahon Tribunal on 21 February 2008, for the first time, that he did not pay tax on substantial payments that he received when Minister for Finance in the 1990s.

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23. Bertie Ahern has taken a High Court action to prevent the tribunal from questioning him on the information that he released in the Dail in 2006.

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24. In January 2008, it was revealed that Bertie Ahern was in discussion with the Revenue Commissioners about his liability for tax on the sums received in Manchester and on his tax clearance status as declared in 2002, before details of the Manchester payments were revealed.

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25. On 13 September 2007, Bertie Ahern commenced four days of testimony under oath at the Mahon Tribunal.

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26. Bertie Ahern said there would now be a change in the ethics law requiring office holders offered a gift from friends to consult the Standards in Public Office Commission and to accept their ruling.

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27. Bertie Ahern expanded on his apology to the Dail of the previous week, which he described as unqualified.

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28. Bertie Ahern told the tribunal that a policy of signing blank cheques was used on the Fianna Fail party leader's account for reasons of "administrative convenience".

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29. Bertie Ahern was criticised by the Moriarty Tribunal for signing blank cheques for the then Taoiseach Charles Haughey, without asking what those cheques were for.

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30. Bertie Ahern presided over many of the incentives that benefited property developers.

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31. Bertie Ahern said that one of the first things that Brian Cowen had done when he became Minister for Finance was to abolish many of the property tax incentives.

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32. Bertie Ahern said in 2009, that since he resigned as Taoiseach the previous year, "life is not as controlled as it was.

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33. Bertie Ahern is the sixth person who has addressed both the United Kingdom's Parliament and the United States Congress.

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34. On 30 April 2008, in Washington DC, Bertie Ahern became the sixth Irish leader to address the United States Congress.

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35. On 2 April 2008, Bertie Ahern announced his intention to resign as Taoiseach and as leader of Fianna Fail on 6 May 2008.

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36. Bertie Ahern stated this would mean standing down as Taoiseach before the end of the Dail term, which would have ended in 2012 at the latest.

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37. Bertie Ahern stated in an interview in the Village on 22 May 2007, that he intended to retire from politics when he turned 60 years of age.

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38. Bertie Ahern was criticised in the foreign press as well as in the Irish media.

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39. Bertie Ahern dissolved the Dail in April 2007 and called an election for 24 May 2007.

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40. Bertie Ahern hoped to win a third general election in 2007.

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41. In November 2004, Bertie Ahern celebrated ten years as leader of Fianna Fail.

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42. In 2009, Bertie Ahern said his decision in 2001, to create the Financial Regulator was one of the main reasons for the collapse of the Irish banking sector and "if I had a chance again I wouldn't do it".

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43. On 26 June 1997, aged 45, Bertie Ahern became the youngest ever Taoiseach.

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44. Bertie Ahern quickly formed a coalition government with the Progressive Democrats, with the support of four Independent TDs.

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45. Bertie Ahern was elected as the sixth leader of Fianna Fail on 19 November 1994.

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46. Bertie Ahern succeeded Reynolds as leader; the first unopposed candidate since Sean Lemass in 1959.

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47. Bertie Ahern is under scrutiny from the Mahon Tribunal for this cash payment and subsequent revelations in May 2007, of cash received from businessman Micheal Wall.

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48. Bertie Ahern was encouraged by Haughey and others to bid for the position.

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49. Bertie Ahern was damaged in the short term by being seen as the first Fianna Fail presidential election campaign manager to lose a presidential election.

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50. In 1990, Bertie Ahern was campaign manager for the presidential bid of his cabinet colleague, Brian Lenihan.

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51. Bertie Ahern became Minister for Labour, which was not considered an important portfolio.

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52. Bertie Ahern increased his personal vote in all three general elections of 1981 and 1982, even out-polling his running mate, George Colley, previously a candidate for Taoiseach.

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53. Bertie Ahern had served on a health committee with Haughey in the mid-1970s.

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54. Bertie Ahern was elected to Dublin Corporation at the 1979 local elections for the Cabra East-Finglas West Local electoral area.

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55. Bertie Ahern became a member of Fianna Fail at the age of 17, and in the 1969 general election he assisted with the election campaign in his constituency.

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56. Bertie Ahern worked in the Accounts Department of the Mater Hospital, Dublin, but though a self-described accountant, as in a TV interview with Bryan Dobson in 2006 and radio interviews during May 2008, with George Hook, and on his party's website, he never qualified as a member of any accountants' association.

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57. Bertie Ahern received his third level education at the College of Commerce, Rathmines, part of the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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58. Bertie Ahern was a member of the 3rd Cork Brigade of the IRA.

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59. Bertie Ahern was born in Drumcondra, Dublin, the youngest of five children of Con and Julia Ahern, both natives of County Cork, who married in October 1937.

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60. Bertie Ahern resigned as Taoiseach on 6 May 2008, in the wake of revelations made in Mahon Tribunal, and was succeeded by Minister for Finance Brian Cowen.

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61. In 1994, Bertie Ahern was elected the sixth Leader of Fianna Fail.

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62. Bertie Ahern served as a Teachta Dala from 1977 to 2011.

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