12 Facts About Bhagat Sain


Bhagat Sain was a Hindu and Sikh religious figure lived in the end of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth century.


Bhagat Sain's name was known in every house due to his devotion to god.


Bhagat Sain was a barber of the royal court of Raja Ram, king of Rewa.


The tendency of the age was towards devotion and religious composition, and Bhagat Sain found leisure in the midst of duties to study the hymns of Ramanand, shape his life on the principles inculcated in them, and successfully imitate their spirit and devotional fervor.


Bhagat Sain frequented the society of holy men and was very happy in their company.


Bhagat Sain performed for them all menial offices, for he believed that serving saints was equivalent to serving God himself.


The Bhagat Mal contains a legend which at once illustrates Sain's devotion to saints and the estimation in which he was held for his piety.


Bhagat Sain thought it was his first duty to attend to them, Bhagat Sain took them with him, and began to render them with the customary services.


In thus acting Bhagat Sain disregarded his duty to the king and braved his displeasure.


Bhagat Sain was at once converted, fell at Sain's feet, worshipped him as his guru, and thus sought an asylum in God.


Bhagat Sain has described that after listening to the glory of saint Kabir, he adopted saint Ramanand as his Guru.


Sri Bhagat Sain Having made an oblation of incense, lamp, and clarified butter, I go to offer to Thee, O God.