20 Facts About Bill Cardille


Bill Cardille was well known to regional viewers as a late-night horror host, but is perhaps more widely remembered for his appearance in George A Romero's landmark zombie film Night of the Living Dead, portraying a fictional version of himself.


Bill Cardille was a 1947 graduate of Sharon High School.


Bill Cardille majored in English and speech at State Teachers College at Indiana in Indiana, Pennsylvania, where he played varsity tennis and basketball.


Bill Cardille had a nightly record program on WDAD radio in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, in 1951.


Bill Cardille first worked in television at WICU in Erie, Pennsylvania, beginning January 19,1952.


Bill Cardille was for many years a fixture on Channel 11, the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, and was the first voice heard when WIIC went on the air on September 1,1957.


Bill Cardille was a pitchman for Koehler Beer, starring in various roles, baseball umpire, etc.


Wry, wisecracking and conversational, Bill Cardille went as much for a light comedic feel as he did presenting the movies.


Bill Cardille was played by veteran KDKA announcer George Eisenhauer.


Bill Cardille hosted a teen dance show "The 6 Oclock Hop", the Four O'Clock Money Movie, and Movies to Laugh By for WIIC.


Bill Cardille appeared in both the 1968 original version and the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead, in the television movie, The Assassination File, and in the documentary American Scary.


Bill Cardille was especially famous in Boston, where the weekly pro wrestling program was extremely popular.


Bill Cardille called the play-by-play of western Pennsylvania high school basketball playoff games for many years on WQED-TV, the Pittsburgh PBS affiliate.


Bill Cardille hosted morning radio shows on Pittsburgh radio stations WWSW and WIXZ.


Bill Cardille co-hosted $50,000 Jackpot Bingo on WPXI weeknights with Kate English from February 10-December 26,1986.


Until 2014, Bill Cardille could be heard on radio station WJAS AM 1320 in the mid-day slot.


Bill Cardille was the father of actress Lori Bill Cardille who played the lead role in Romero's Day of the Dead.


Bill Cardille was an extra as one of the zombies towards the end of Day of the Dead.


In early July 2016, Bill Cardille's family announced that he was battling cancer for the second time.


Bill Cardille died the morning of July 21,2016, at his home in McCandless, Pennsylvania.