17 Facts About Bill Ryder-Jones


William Edward Ryder-Jones was born on 10 August 1983 and is an English singer-songwriter, musician, music producer and composer from West Kirby, Merseyside.


Bill Ryder-Jones co-founded the band The Coral, together with James Skelly, Lee Southall, Paul Duffy, and Ian Skelly, playing as their lead guitarist from 1996 until 2008.


Bill Ryder-Jones has since pursued a solo career, writing both his own albums and film scores, as well as producing records for other artists and appearing as a session musician.


Bill Ryder-Jones was the lead guitarist with The Coral and played on the band's first five albums.


In 2009, Bill Ryder-Jones composed the score for his friend's short film Leave Taking, directed by Laurence Easeman.


Bill Ryder-Jones composed the scores for the short films It's Natural to Be Afraid and Bed.


Bill Ryder-Jones embarked on a ten-date tour of England and Scotland from 24 October to 14 November 2015 to celebrate the release of West Kirby County Primary.

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Bill Ryder-Jones continued to tour into 2015, including various festival dates.


Bill Ryder-Jones concluded the album's tour cycle with a final leg in late 2016, playing six UK dates.


Bill Ryder-Jones released the album "Yawn " on 2 November 2018 and after this, his latest album "Yawny Yawn " on 26 July 2019.


Bill Ryder-Jones has said that the sound of all three albums of his albums have been heavily influenced by the music he was listening to, and was interested in at the time of writing and recording.


Bill Ryder-Jones stated in an interview with BBC Radio 6 Music that when making If.


Bill Ryder-Jones has previously confessed admiration for Bill Callahan, suggesting that he heavily influenced the sound of A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart.


Bill Ryder-Jones has recorded guitar for other artists such as The Last Shadow Puppets on "Gas Dance", Arctic Monkeys on "Fireside" and Alex Turner on the Submarine EP.


Bill Ryder-Jones has been a guest guitarist and keyboardist on Arctic Monkeys' AM Tour.


Bill Ryder-Jones has produced and co-produced many albums with other artists.


In 2014 Bill Ryder-Jones co-produced the album Endless Days Crystal Sky for the neo-post-punk band By the Sea.