6 Facts About Bill Shorten

1. In 2009, Bill Shorten married Chloe Bryce, daughter of Quentin Bryce, who was the Governor-General of Australia at the time.

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2. In 2015, Bill Shorten said that the voting age should be lowered to 16.

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3. In July 2017, Bill Shorten revealed that should the Labor Party be elected to government at the 2019 federal election, they would legislate for a compulsory plebiscite on the issue.

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4. At the 2007 federal election, Bill Shorten was elected to the House of Representatives as the Labor MP for Maribyrnong.

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5. In 2005, Bill Shorten announced that he would seek selection as the Labor candidate for the seat of Maribyrnong, which was already held by Labor MP and Shadow Minister Bob Sercombe.

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6. In 1994, Bill Shorten began his union career as a trainee organiser under the ACTU's Organising Works program at the Australian Workers Union, before being elected Victorian state secretary in 1998.

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