17 Facts About Bill Watts


In 1992, Bill Watts was the Executive Vice President of World Championship Wrestling but after clashes with management over a number of issues, as well as feeling pressure from Hank Aaron over a racially insensitive interview, he resigned.


In 1995, Bill Watts briefly worked as a booker for the World Wrestling Federation.


Bill Watts played as a linebacker for his high school football team, the Putnam City Pirates.


When he came out, he had lost a significant amount of weight, and had to put it back on, despite the coaches at the time preferring their players to be small and quick, which Bill Watts had struggled with before the accident.


Bill Watts turned professional in 1961 and joined the Oilers, but did not last long there, and according to a shoot interview, he left after knocking out a coach.


Bill Watts then had a try-out with the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League, but after a discussion with general manager Jim Finks, who wanted him to quit his wrestling career, Bill Watts left the Vikings having decided he could make more money back in Oklahoma.


Bill Watts is perhaps even more famous for being a pioneering promoter in the Mid-South area of the United States, with his base of operation being in the Shreveport, Louisiana area.

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Bill Watts is often credited with creating the current and popular "episodic" style of TV wrestling, building solid creative storylines week-on-week, with an emphasis on solid in-ring action with dependable wrestlers like "Dr Death" Steve Williams, The Junkyard Dog, Ted DiBiase and Jim Duggan.


Bill Watts is an outspoken critic on breaking kayfabe and "smart" wrestling fans.


Bill Watts has been known to revamp his booking plans in order to protect the business from such fans.


Bill Watts became Executive Vice President of World Championship Wrestling in 1992.


Bill Watts took many of his old-school values with him, such as banning moves from the top rope and the babyfaces and heels separation.


Bill Watts's tenure was not long, nor were his ideas overly embraced.


Bill Watts felt Maddox stood up for what he believed in and acted accordingly.


Bill Watts later went on to a position of booking power in the World Wrestling Federation.


Bill Watts served as co-host of a sports talk radio show on The Sports Animal in Tulsa, Oklahoma until late 2008.


Bill Watts was a longtime resident of Bixby, a Tulsa suburb.