35 Facts About Bipasha Basu

1. Bipasha Basu was studying, planning to become a doctor, but it was all cut short, when Mehr Jessia spotted her.

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2. Bipasha Basu was in a relationship with her Raaz co-star Dino Morea from 1996 till they broke up in 2002.

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3. Bipasha Basu has one elder sister Bidisha Bipasha Basu and one younger sister Vijeyta Basu.

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4. Bipasha Basu said, "Bipasha [Basu] pulls out all stops to deliver her career's best performance.

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5. Bipasha Basu was a relationship with Dino Morea since 1996 to 2002.

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6. Bipasha Basu is known for changing the definition of sensuality in the Bollywood industry.

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7. In 2001, Bipasha Basu finally appeared in her first movie Ajnabee.

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8. Bipasha Basu studied commerce at Bhawanipur Education Society College after 12th standard.

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9. Bipasha Basu was born to a Bengali Hindu family in New Delhi.

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10. Bipasha Basu is known for her dances like "Phoonk De" in No Smoking and "Beedi" in Omkara (2006).

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11. Bipasha Basu known as Bips, Bippy, Bipsy and Bonny is famous Indian actress and model.

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12. Bipasha Basu has celebrated the total number of 39 birthdays till date.

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13. Bipasha Basu Married to Actor Karan Singh Grover, they got married in 30 April 2016.

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14. Bipasha Basu is an Indian Film Actress and former model.

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15. Bipasha Basu had replaced Aishwarya Rai in the role of Tulaja because she was no longer available on the dates of filming in movie Singularity.

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16. Bipasha Basu started off with modelling at a very early age.

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17. Bipasha Basu is an advocate of physical fitness who has launched several DVDs which emphasized being strong, healthy, and loving one's self.

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18. In 2015, Bipasha Basu dated Alone co-star Karan Singh Grover and they got married on 30 April 2016.

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19. In January 2014 Bipasha Basu launched her much awaited third of her series fitness DVD Unleash, an advance training routine that includes plyometrics and focuses more on power and speed, while strengthening the bones and improving muscle coordination.

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20. Bipasha Basu is brought in to lend oomph and she succeeds in doing just that.

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21. Bipasha Basu played the role of a bargirl who acts as wife of two men.

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22. In 2001, Bipasha Basu finally made her debut opposite Akshay Kumar in Vijay Galani's Ajnabee.

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23. Bipasha Basu broke many hearts as she tied the knot with co-star and her Mr Right Karan Singh Grover in April 2016.

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24. Bipasha Basu drives the crowds crazy on the DaBang Tour!.

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25. Bipasha Basu ranked 8 in The Times of India 50 most desirable women in 2011, ranked 13 in 2012, and ranked 7 in 2013.

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26. In 2015, Bipasha Basu featured in Bhushan Patel's romance horror film, Alone opposite her future husband Karan Singh Grover.

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27. Bipasha Basu has completed work on her first English film, Roland Joffe's epic drama The Lovers in which she will portray a Maratha warrior.

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28. In 2014 Bipasha Basu was seen on numerous roles in different types of movies.

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29. Bipasha Basu established herself as an actress with the success of No Entry, Corporate and Dhoom 2.

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30. In 2003, Bipasha Basu starred in Pooja Bhatt's erotic thriller film, Jism alongside John Abraham, which was well received by critics and fared well at the box office.

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31. In 2002, Bipasha Basu starred in the year's most successful thriller, Raaz.

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32. Bipasha Basu was offered a role in Refugee opposite Sunil Shetty, which she declined.

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33. In her school, Bipasha Basu was appointed as the head girl and was fondly called 'Lady Goonda' due to her short and commanding personality.

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34. Bipasha Basu was born on 7 January 1979 to a Bengali family in Delhi.

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35. Bipasha Basu is the recipient of numerous accolades, including one Filmfare Award, among six nominations.

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