10 Facts About Biryani


Biryani is a mixed rice dish originating among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent.

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Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in South Asia, as well as among the diaspora from the region.

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Biryani is the single most-ordered dish on Indian online food ordering and delivery services.

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Biryani's speculates that the pulao was an army dish in medieval India.

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Biryani contains more gravy and is cooked longer with condiments.

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Biryani contains more gravy, and is often cooked longer, leaving the meat (and vegetables, if present) more tender, and the rice more flavoured.

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Biryani is cooked with additional dressings and often would have a light layer of socarrat at the bottom.

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Dhakaiya Kacchi Biryani is accompanied by borhani, a salted mint drink made of yogurt, coriander, mint and salt.

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Biryani was brought into Sri Lanka by the South Indian Muslims who were trading in the Northern part of Sri Lanka and in Colombo in the early 1900s.

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Biryani dishes are very popular in Mauritius especially at Hindu and Muslim weddings and festivities.

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