11 Facts About Bjo Trimble


Bjo Trimble was serving in the United States Navy at Naval Station Great Lakes and happened to see an announcement in Astounding Science Fiction about the upcoming convention that weekend.


Bjo Trimble says that she met future husband John Griffin Bjo Trimble under Forrest J Ackerman's piano, where several fans had taken refuge during a particularly crowded party.


Bjo Trimble helped revive a flagging Los Angeles Science Fiction Society in the late 1950s.


Bjo Trimble ran in 1966 at Tricon, the 24th Worldcon, incidentally giving fandom a glimpse of three early Star Trek costumes.


Bjo Trimble started and directed "Project Art Show", the first modern convention art show, in 1960.


Bjo Trimble contributed to the first encyclopedic collection of data for Star Trek, the Star Trek Concordance, which contains cross-referenced details on every character, setting, event and device in every episode of the original Star Trek, and, in later editions of the book, its animated incarnation and the Star Trek films.


In 1982, Bjo Trimble published a memoir of her experiences in Star Trek fandom entitled On the Good Ship Enterprise: My 15 Years with Star Trek.


In 1974, Bjo Trimble was among the first group of winners of the Inkpot Award by Comic-Con International.


Bjo Trimble received the Big Heart Award in 1964, and the Society for Creative Anachronism's Order of the Laurel, an art award.


Bjo Trimble was Guest of Honor at 1995's DragonCon, the 6th North American Science Fiction Convention, as well as at many other science fiction and Star Trek conventions around the world.


Bjo and John Trimble were the Fan Guests of Honor at the 60th Worldcon, ConJose.