20 Facts About Bob Huff


Robert S Huff was born on September 9,1953 and is an American businessman and politician who was the California State Senate minority leader and Senate Republican leader from January 5,2012, until August 27,2015.


Bob Huff represented the Senate's 29th District, which includes portions of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties.


Bob Huff has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Westmont College, and his business background is in grain handling and commodity wholesaling.


Bob Huff served on the Diamond Bar City Council, and was Mayor of the city in 1997 and 2001.


Bob Huff was involved in local transportation issues, serving on the Four Corners Transportation Policy Group, Foothill Transit, and the Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority.


Bob Huff was a member of the Senate Education Committee and authored legislation affecting K-12 education.


Bob Huff is an advocate of charter schools, school choice, and standardized testing.


Bob Huff supported SB 161, which allows trained volunteers to administer emergency medication to students with epilepsy who suffer a seizure at school.


Bob Huff introduced Senate Bill 1295, a measure to approve the placement of commercial advertisements on the exterior of school-buses.


Bob Huff introduced Senate Bill 1116 with Leland Yee, which defined and regulated "heritage schools", private after-school programs that teach foreign language and culture and required them to register with the California Department of Education instead of being licensed as child day care centers by the California Department of Social Services Huff opposed a plan that would have replaced the current testing system with new tests based on the Common Core learning goals.


The alternative supported by Bob Huff was to require the use of both the old and the new test during that period.


Bob Huff cast a deciding vote in 2009 on a Senate rule waiver that allowed a measure on environmental exemptions favorable to one of Bob Huff's donors, Majestic Realty.


In 2011, Bob Huff opposed Governor Jerry Brown's plan to abolish California's redevelopment agencies.


Bob Huff served on the Senate Education Committee and was the Vice Chair of the Senate Budget Committee.


Bob Huff served as a member of the Joint Committee on Senate Rules, the Select Committees of Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, California Job Creation and Retention, California's Horse Racing Industry, Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery and High-Speed Rail committees.


In 2016 Bob Huff ran for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to represent the fifth district.


In 2018 Bob Huff ran for the United States House of Representatives to represent California's 39th congressional district.


Bob Huff was recognized as 2011 Legislator of the Year by the League of California Cities for "efforts to protect local redevelopment agencies".


Bob Huff was recognized by the American Council of Engineering Companies, California, and as the 2011 Job Champion by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.


Bob Huff was awarded the 2005 Local Distinguished Service Award in Transportation from the American Public Transit Association and the Outstanding Community Leader of 2005 by the Old Baldy Council of the Boy Scouts of America.