22 Facts About Bob Kauffman


Robert Bob Kauffman was an American professional basketball player and coach.

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Bob Kauffman played at Scarsdale High School in Scarsdale, New York.

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Bob Kauffman was selected with the third overall pick of the 1968 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics behind future Hall of Fame inductees Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld.

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Bob Kauffman was selected in the 1968 American Basketball Association Draft by the Oakland Oaks, but chose to play in the NBA.

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Bob Kauffman was a reserve for the first six games of the season, scoring 26 points total in the first six games, before being inserted into the starting lineup.

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Bob Kauffman was immediately traded by the Jazz in a landmark trade.

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Bob Kauffman was traded with Dean Meminger, a 1974 1st round draft pick, a 1975 1st round draft pick, a 1975 2nd round draft pick, a 1976 2nd round draft pick and a 1980 3rd round draft pick to the Atlanta Hawks for Pete Maravich.

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Bob Kauffman played seven seasons in the NBA as a member of the Sonics, Chicago Bulls, Buffalo Braves, and Atlanta Hawks.

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Bob Kauffman had a short career as an NBA team executive with the Atlanta Hawks and Detroit Pistons.

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Bob Kauffman spent two seasons as assistant general manager for the Hawks before Detroit hired him as the Pistons' general manager in 1977.

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Bob Kauffman eventually left the Pistons after a disagreement with team owner Bill Davidson.

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Bob Kauffman wanted to hire Cotton Fitzsimmons or Al Bianchi, for the coaching vacancy.

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Bob Kauffman died at the age of 69 peacefully one night as his heart stopped.

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Bob Kauffman was a basketball player who played collegiately and professionally in the early 1960s to early 1970s.

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Bob Kauffman came from a relatively small college in which they competed other small colleges in the NAIA, a subdivision of the NCAA, Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Bob Kauffman was one of the prominent and promising players in all of college basketball at his time.

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Many believe Bob Kauffman should have played longer but due to injury had to call it quits sooner than expected.

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Bob Kauffman is the original blue collar worker, always worked hard for shots, rebounds and especially defensively where he competed against some of the best to ever play the game.

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Bob Kauffman was physical and a lot of people enjoyed watching that type of play.

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Bob Kauffman has made 943 career field goals, shot a very impressive 71.

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Bob Kauffman was the first real star for the Buffalo Braves, now the Los Angeles Clippers, making three consecutive appearances in the all-star game.

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Bob Kauffman is survived by his wife, Judy and four daughters; Lara, Joannah, Carey, and Kate.

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