28 Facts About Brendan Cole

1. Brendan Cole was created in 1976 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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2. Brendan Cole was born on 23 April 1976 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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3. Brendan Cole is a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing 2018.

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4. Brendan Cole married Zoe Hobbs, a British model in 2010.

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5. Brendan Cole is a widely known television and media personality.

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6. Brendan Cole loves to dance the Latin Americans themes songs that are quite compelling.

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7. In 1995 Brendan Cole went to the United Kingdom at 19 years old where he met Camilla Dallerup.

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8. Brendan Cole has danced since he was six, and moved to the United Kingdom when he was eighteen, where he studied the pasodoble, ballroom and ballet at Donaheys, Clayton, Manchester.

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9. Brendan Cole is most famous for appearing as a professional dancer on the BBC One show, Strictly Come Dancing.

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10. Brendan Cole was born on 23 April 1976 and is a New Zealand ballroom dancer, specialising in Latin American dancing.

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11. Brendan Cole claims 'Strictly Come Dancing' contestants who make it to Blackpool receive a "small bonus" payment.

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12. Brendan Cole reveals Strictly dancers get paid extra if they make it to Blackpool week.

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13. Brendan Cole has disclosed that the Strictly Come Dancing stars who make it to Blackpool not only bathe in the glory and prestige of performing at the world-famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom, but they get paid a little bit extra, too.

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14. Brendan Cole thinks this year's 'Strictly Come Dancing' pros "need a bit more personality".

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15. Brendan Cole tells Loose Women he had 12 operations on his penis.

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16. Brendan Cole has opened up about his penis insecurities for the very first time.

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17. Brendan Cole opens up about penis insecurities after having 12 operations.

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18. Brendan Cole has said he's over Strictly Come Dancing now, and can guess the reasons why his contract wasn't renewed.

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19. Brendan Cole has opened up about his departure from Strictly Come Dancing, admitting that he was not the easiest person to work with.

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20. Brendan Cole has supported several charity functions including children's anti-bullying campaigning group Act Against Bullying.

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21. Brendan Cole returned for the fifteenth series paired with Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins.

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22. Brendan Cole took part in the 2015 Christmas Special, where he and series 11 winner Abbey Clancy, danced a waltz against his series 6 partner Lisa Snowdon.

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23. Brendan Cole competed with television presenter Kirsty Gallacher in the show's thirteenth series and was eliminated in week 6.

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24. Brendan Cole appeared in the first 15 series BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing, announcing in January 2018 that his contract had not been renewed.

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25. Brendan Cole represented the United Kingdom at the first Eurovision Dance Contest in September 2007.

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26. In January 2007, Brendan Cole appeared on the BBC's duet show Just the Two of Us as a celebrity, with Beverley Knight as his professional partner.

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27. In 2010 Brendan Cole married Zoe Hobbs, a British model, who gave birth to their first child, daughter Aurelia, on Christmas Day 2012.

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28. Brendan Cole is a New Zealand ballroom dancer, specialising in Latin American dancing.

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