28 Facts About Brent Spiner


Brent Spiner is best known for his role as the android Data on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, four subsequent films, and Star Trek: Picard.


Brent Jay Spiner was born on February 2,1949, in Houston, to Sylvia and Jack Spiner, who owned a furniture store.


At age 29, Jack Brent Spiner died of kidney failure when his son was ten months old.


Brent Spiner became active on the Bellaire speech team, winning the national championship in dramatic interpretation.


Brent Spiner attended the University of Houston, where he performed in local theater.


In 1968, Brent Spiner worked as a performer at Six Flags Astroworld, first as a gunfighter and later in Dr Featherflowers Medicine Show with his friend Trey Wilson.


Brent Spiner performed the role in the 1968 TV special The Pied Piper of Astroworld.


Brent Spiner moved to New York City in the early 1970s, where he became a stage actor, performing in several Broadway and off-Broadway plays, including The Three Musketeers and Stephen Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George.


Brent Spiner had a brief non-speaking role in the film Stardust Memories, credited as "Fan in Lobby", the one with a Polaroid.


Brent Spiner can be seen as a passenger on the train full of misfits that the Allen character is trapped on in one of the films-within-the-film.


Brent Spiner appeared as a media technician in "The Advocates", a second-season episode of the Showtime cable series The Paper Chase.


Brent Spiner played a recurring character on Night Court, Bob Wheeler, patriarch of a rural family.


Brent Spiner made two appearances in season three of the situation comedy Mama's Family, playing two different characters.


Brent Spiner appeared in the Tales from the Darkside episode, "A Case of the Stubborns", as a preacher.


Brent Spiner portrayed Jim Stevens in the made-for-TV movie Manhunt for Claude Dallas.


Brent Spiner guest-starred in Friends as James Campbell, a man who interviews Rachel for Gucci.


In 1987, Brent Spiner started portraying the android Starfleet officer Lieutenant Commander Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, which spanned seven seasons and four feature films.


Brent Spiner reprised his role in the spin-off films Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis.


However, Brent Spiner opined that he was too old to continue playing the part, as Data does not age.


Brent Spiner played Lore, the android brother of Data, in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and another brother of his, an android with a less developed mind named B-4, in Star Trek: Nemesis.


Brent Spiner has stated that he does not intend to play that role again, though he might be open to playing the role of Altan Soong.


In 1991, Brent Spiner recorded an album of 1940s pop standards, Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back, the title of which was a play on the yellow contact lenses Brent Spiner wore as Data, and the title of a Frank Sinatra record, Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back.


In 2005, Brent Spiner appeared in a short-lived science-fiction television series Threshold, which was canceled in November of that year after 13 episodes.


In 2008, Brent Spiner played Dr Strom in the feature film parody Superhero Movie.


Brent Spiner appeared as Dr Kern in the September 12,2011, episode of the Syfy channel program Alphas entitled "Blind Spot".


Brent Spiner has guest-starred on the Syfy program Warehouse 13 as Brother Adrian in the third and fourth seasons.


In October 2021, Brent Spiner released Fan Fiction: A Mem-Noir: Inspired by True Events, a mixture of memoir and a fictitious noir detective story about Brent Spiner dealing with a crazed, murderous fan who claims to be the fictitious Lal, the android daughter of Data in the third-season TNG episode "The Offspring".


The audiobook version, primarily narrated by Brent Spiner, featured vocal cameos from Brent Spiner's TNG co-stars, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, and Gates McFadden.