15 Facts About Brian Banner


Brian Banner is a fictional character created by Bill Mantlo, first appearing in The Incredible Hulk vol.

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Brian Banner is the abusive father of Bruce Banner, with said abuse being a major contributing factor of Bruce's eventual transformation into the Hulk.

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The stress of his job eventually lead Brian Banner to become an alcoholic, and he frequently lashed out at those around him.

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Brian Banner believed Bruce had inherited both the "monster gene" and genetic defects due to the accident in Los Alamos, so he ignored him completely and attempted to keep Rebecca away from him.

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Brian Banner frequently left Bruce in the care of the neglectful Nurse Meachum.

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Brian Banner discovered his wife and son packing the car just before their escape, and he smashed Rebecca's head against the pavement, killing her in front of their young son.

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Brian Banner managed to stop Bruce from testifying against him at his trial for Rebecca's murder, saying that if he did so, he would go to Hell.

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Brian Banner escaped conviction due to lack of evidence, but soon afterwards is arrested again when he drunkenly boasted about beating the law by bullying his son.

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Brian Banner is imprisoned and later placed in a mental institution.

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Bruce repressed the memories of Brian Banner's stay with him and his subsequent death, making himself believe that, as the two of them fought at Rebecca's grave, Brian Banner had simply beat him and left, later being killed by muggers.

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Brian Banner eventually stood up to his father, attacking and strangling him before being returned to Earth by an image of his wife, Betty Ross.

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When Brian Banner tried to kill Rebecca again, the Hulk ended up fighting him alongside Skaar.

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Brian Banner fed on the Hulk's anger towards him, becoming stronger.

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Brian Banner returned to the living as a ghost who possesses Sasquatch and puts him on a rampage.

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When Brian Banner was resurrected during the Chaos War storyline, Brian Banner gained the ability to turn into a hybrid replica of the Guilt Hulk and the Devil Hulk.

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