24 Facts About Brian Dahle


Brian Dwain Dahle was born on September 20,1965 and is an American politician and farmer who has served as a member of the California State Senate from the 1st district since 2019.


On June 4,2019, Brian Dahle won a special election to fill the State Senate seat vacated by Ted Gaines, who resigned after his election to the California Board of Equalization.


Brian Dahle was the Republican nominee for Governor of California in 2022.


Brian Dahle's grandfather was a World War I veteran who won his family farm in Bieber in a lottery during the Great Depression.


Brian Dahle grew up poor with an alcoholic father and graduated from Big Valley High School in Bieber.


Brian Dahle worked in construction for several years, including in a gold mine, and eventually began a seed business, which he owns to this day.


Brian Dahle won his first election to the Lassen County Board of Supervisors in 1996, beating a popular teacher.


Brian Dahle served one-year terms as chairman of the board in 1998,2002,2007, and 2012.


Brian Dahle left his seat early on November 27,2012, in order to take office in the Assembly the following week.


Brian Dahle was appointed vice chair of the Assembly Environmental and Toxic Materials Committee, the Revenue and Taxation Committee, and the Natural Resources Committee.


Brian Dahle served as a member of the following committees: Agriculture; Water, Parks and Wildlife; Privacy and Consumer Protection; Utilities and Commerce; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Insurance; and Business and Professions.


Brian Dahle served in that role from September 16,2017, to November 8,2018.


Brian Dahle resigned from the Assembly on June 12,2019, after winning a special election to the California State Senate.


Brian Dahle serves as vice chair of the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee.


Brian Dahle serves on the following committees: Banking and Financial Institutions; Budget and Fiscal Review; Education; Environmental Quality; and Transportation.


Brian Dahle was the Republican nominee for governor of California in the 2022 election.


Brian Dahle supports rolling back parts of Proposition 47, but opposes jailing marijuana users.


Brian Dahle has worked to stop medical patients from getting surprise medical bills from health care providers that are outside their insurance network.


Brian Dahle has criticized Newsom's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and supports streamlining the path to obtaining US citizenship.


Brian Dahle voted for a bill aimed at reducing the cost of contraceptives in California.


Brian Dahle describes himself as a supporter of the Second Amendment.


Brian Dahle has voted against SB 1327, legislation that allows private citizens to sue those who illegally sell assault weapons or.


In June of 2022, Brian Dahle was involved in an auction for a goat named Cedar at the fair but did not receive the goat after pledging the highest bid after Cedar's owners backed out of the sale.


Brian Dahle is married to Megan Brian Dahle, who holds his former State Assembly seat.