12 Facts About Brickhouse Brown


Brickhouse Brown was a top heel in several Southern promotions in the 1980s and 1990s.


Brickhouse Brown had no training prior to his first match in 1982 against Bobby Jaggers, but was later trained by Terry Funk.


In March 1987, Brickhouse Brown went to Memphis to wrestle for Championship Wrestling Association.


Brickhouse Brown lost the title back to him a week later.


Brickhouse Brown held this top title for nearly two months, before losing it to Phil Hickerson.


In February 1989, Brickhouse Brown won the WCCW Texas Heavyweight Championship, defeating Iceman King Parsons.


Brickhouse Brown was champion for over a month, before losing to Gary Young.

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Back in Memphis, in April 1995, Brickhouse Brown won his second USWA World Tag Team Championship with The Gambler, defeating PG-13.


In July 1995, Brickhouse Brown competed in the World Wrestling Federation as enhancement talent and worked two TV tapings, one against Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the next night against Henry O Godwinn.


Brickhouse Brown left USWA in January 1997 before the company folded later that November.


Brickhouse Brown was reported dead on July 20,2018, from prostate cancer.


The next day, Cauliflower Alley President B Brian Blair said Brown was still alive after waking up in the night and telling his mother, who thought he was dead and was awaiting the coroner, that he was hungry.