30 Facts About Bronislava Nijinska

1. Bronislava Nijinska died on February 21, 1972, in Pacific Palisades, California, after suffering a heart attack.

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2. In New York Bronislava Nijinska was invited to come teach in Hollywood.

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3. In the theatrical world Irina Bronislava Nijinska associated with ballet companies to facilitate revivals of the choreographies.

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4. Bronislava Nijinska took to revising Petipa's Russian version of La Fille Mal Gardee and staged the ballet with Irina Baronova and Dimitri Romanoff.

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5. Bronislava Nijinska staged La Legend de Cracovie, "a new ballet of high merit" to music by Michal Kondracki.

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6. Bronislava Nijinska had originally danced it barefoot wearing a tunic of her own design.

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7. In the 1930s Bronislava Nijinska gave Alicia Markova 'creative sessions' in ballet, including instructions in her choreographed dances.

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8. Bronislava Nijinska reprised her 1924 Les Biches for a performance by the Markova-Dolin troupe in 1937.

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9. Bronislava Nijinska had presented at Teatro Colon in 1933 her ballet Le Baiser de la Fee [Kiss of the fairy], which she had first staged for Ida Rubinstein's Company in 1928.

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10. Bronislava Nijinska staged Un Estudio Religioso to music by Bach in 1926, which she developed from her choreography Holy Etudes of 1925.

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11. Bronislava Nijinska continued to choreograph, dance, and direct, working for ballet companies and institutions in Europe, South America, and the United States.

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12. Bronislava Nijinska "took contemporary forms of locomotion as her theme", with music by Francis Poulenc, costumes and set by Exter.

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13. Bronislava Nijinska had first met Exter in Kiev during war and revolution.

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14. Bronislava Nijinska danced the male role of Lysandre, wearing a wig and clothes of the seventeenth-century.

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15. Bronislava Nijinska achieved this in Les Biches; Balanchine was to do so latter.

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16. Bronislava Nijinska "was 'powerful' and 'strange,' a dancer 'intoxicated with rhythm,.

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17. Bronislava Nijinska took the role of the hostess of the house party.

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18. In her memoirs, Bronislava Nijinska discusses Fokine's innovative "Dance of the Fauns".

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19. Bronislava Nijinska earned her credits as the sole choreographer for nine works at Ballets Russes during the 1920s.

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20. Bronislava Nijinska assisted her brother Vaslav in his creation of the ballet Le Sacre du printemps which premiered in 1913.

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21. Bronislava Nijinska appeared in the Sergei Pavlovitch Diaghilev's first two Paris seasons, 1909 and 1910.

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22. In 1908, Bronislava Nijinska was admitted to the Imperial Ballet.

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23. Bronislava Nijinska quickly decided to return to Russia to recruit the cast, but Warsaw was where the experienced dancers were found.

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24. Bronislava Nijinska speculated that hidden manipulations had motivated events, whereby Diaghilev had secured financing and the return of Fokine by getting rid of her brother Nijinsky.

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25. In 1900, Bronislava Nijinska was accepted into the same state-sponsored school for performing arts.

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26. Bronislava Nijinska implies that their small troupe prospered, but that is questioned.

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27. Bronislava Nijinska was the third child of the Polish dancers Tomasz [Foma] Nijinsky and Eleonora Nijinska, who were then traveling performers in provincial Russia.

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28. Bronislava Nijinska continued working in choreography and as an artistic director.

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29. Bronislava Nijinska started a ballet school on progressive lines in Kiev, and published her writing on the art of movement.

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30. For her dance solo Bronislava Nijinska created the role of Papillon in Carnaval, a ballet written and designed by Fokine.

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