14 Facts About Cal Kestis


Cal Kestis is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise.

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Cal Kestis has received a generally positive reception from critics, with praise for his characterization, but criticism for his "generic" visual design.

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Cal Kestis was a Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars, training under Jedi General Jaro Tapal .

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Cal Kestis made it to the escape pods with his master despite losing his lightsaber.

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Cal Kestis kept his Master's lightsaber but was heavily traumatized by this event.

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Five years after the Jedi Purge, Cal Kestis remains in hiding on the planet Bracca as a rigger for the Scrapper Guild.

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Cal Kestis is rescued by former Jedi Cere Junda and pilot Greez Dritus, who allow him to take refuge on their ship Stinger Mantis.

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Since the former has cut herself from the Force after a brush with the Dark Side, Cal Kestis is recruited to retrieve a Holocron containing a list of Force-sensitive people in the galaxy, which will allow them to train more Jedi and reform Order.

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Cal Kestis learns that the Second Sister is actually Cere's former Padawan Trilla, who she betrayed to the Empire after being captured and interrogated by Darth Vader.

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Cal Kestis then retrieves the Astrium and invites Merrin to join the Mantis crew.

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Character of Cal Kestis received generally positive reviews, with some expressing dissatisfaction that the final design of the character was "generic" or "dorky".

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Once Cal Kestis finally stops fighting the past, sheathes his lightsaber, and promises to honor the teachings of his former master, only then does he become knighted as a Jedi.

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Alani Vargas from CheatSheet stated that Cal Kestis is "a great choice for the main character".

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In 2020, Cal Kestis ranked 50th place in a "Best Star Wars character of All Time" fan poll organized by IGN.

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