11 Facts About Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein attended the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan and was enrolled at, but never graduated from, New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, instead receiving an honorary doctorate in 2003.


Calvin Klein did his apprenticeship in 1962 at an old line cloak-and-suit manufacturer, Dan Millstein, and spent five years designing at other New York City shops.


Calvin Klein became a protege of Baron de Gunzburg, through whose introductions he became the toast of the New York elite fashion scene even before he had his first mainstream success with the launch of his first jeans line.


Calvin Klein was immediately recognized for his talent after his first major showing at New York Fashion Week.


Calvin Klein was hailed as the new Yves Saint Laurent, and was noted for his clean lines.


In September 1986, Calvin Klein married his assistant Kelly Rector in Rome while they were on a buying trip in Italy.


In 2003, Calvin Klein bought an ocean-front estate in Southampton, New York, on Long Island and demolished it to build a $75 million glass-and-concrete mansion.


In June 2015, Calvin Klein bought a mansion in Los Angeles, California, for $25 million.


Calvin Klein is a supporter of the US Democratic Party, having given over $250,000 to candidates and PACs since 1980.


In 1974, Calvin Klein designed the tight-fitting signature jeans that would go on to gross $200,000 in their first week of sales.


Calvin Klein made a cameo appearance in season 3, episode 15 of the television series 30 Rock.