16 Facts About Campbell McLaren


Campbell McLaren was born on June 18,1956 and is an American entrepreneur and media executive.

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Campbell McLaren was born in Scotland and emigrated to the United States when he was six years old.

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Campbell McLaren's father was a former RAF Flight Officer and hospital executive and his mother was a Presbyterian Church administrator.

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Campbell McLaren went to primary school in Cowie, Scotland, elementary school and middle school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and high school in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Campbell McLaren received an AB from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Campbell McLaren studied video production at MIT, with documentarian Richard Leacock.

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Campbell McLaren began his career in New York at Caroline's Comedy Club as talent director.

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Campbell McLaren began producing TV shows for cable, network, and pay-per-view in 1989, winning awards including the Cable Ace and the Imagen Award.

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In 1993, Campbell McLaren was the head of programming for SEG, BMG's pay-per-view television company.

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Campbell McLaren received a call from Art Davie representing Rorion Gracie and his “War of the Worlds, ” a martial arts tournament idea.

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Campbell McLaren envisioned a reality version of the hit video game Mortal Kombat, and immediately put the concept into development.

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Campbell McLaren developed the controversial marketing slogan “There Are No Rules”.

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Campbell McLaren picked Joe Rogan to do post fight interviews on UFC 12.

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In 2000, Campbell McLaren and David Isaacs, with whom he worked on the early UFCs, founded the VC backed College TV Network, Zilo, which was an early version of a user-generated content programming network.

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Campbell McLaren is currently CEO of Combate Global, the first Hispanic MMA sports and media franchise.

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Campbell McLaren created COPA COMBATE, an eight-man tournament, pitting country against country.

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