11 Facts About Canvas X


Canvas X is a drawing, imaging, and publishing computer program from Canvas GFX for personal computers.

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The original idea for Canvas came from Jorge Miranda, one of the founders of Deneba Systems Inc of Miami Florida, for Apple's Macintosh computers—part of the wave of programs that made the desktop publishing revolution.

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Canvas X provides tools for creating and editing vector and raster graphics.

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From its inception, Canvas X differed from other graphics applications because it combined tools and file formats for both vector graphics and raster images, adding word-processing and page-layout features such as multiple-page documents and master pages in subsequent releases.

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Canvas X emphasized technical drawing in addition to artistic illustration features.

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At Version 5, Canvas X was completely rewritten for both platforms and included a QuickDraw 3D-based palette for creating 3D primitives and renderings.

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Canvas X development continued in Miami, under the aegis of ACD Systems of America.

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The once-optional Scientific Imaging module is integrated into Canvas X and provides enhanced input-output filters for file formats commonly used in science and engineering visualization.

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Canvas X software is used by engineers to document and share complex objects and systems.

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Canvas X is fully committed to continue to develop our product line to meet the ever-changing requirements of our major customers.

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From its origins in technical illustration, Canvas X is developing solutions that address the rapidly emerging arena of Product Lifecycle Management.

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