17 Facts About Carillon


Carillon is a pitched percussion instrument that is played with a keyboard and consists of at least 23 cast bronze bells.

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In 2006, the World Carillon Federation developed the WCF Keyboard 2006, which is a compromise between the two standards.

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Carillon's cast bronze, cup-shaped bells are housed at the top of a tower in a structure typically made of steel or wooden beams.

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Carillon bells are made of bell bronze, a specialized copper–tin alloy used for its above-average rigidity and resonance.

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Carillon has a dynamic range similar to a piano, if not more versatile.

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Carillon's range is directly proportional to the number of bells it has.

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Carillon originated from two earlier functions of bells: ringing bells to send messages and ringing bells to indicate the time of day.

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Carillon culture experienced a peak around this time and until the late-18th century.

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Carillon owners resisted by, for example, petitioning the new governments to declare their instruments as "culturally significant" or by disconnecting the bells and burying them in secret.

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Carillon further developed the tumbler rack system of transmission cables that his father had installed on the cathedral carillon.

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Carillon established regular Monday night concerts at the suggestion of the city council.

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Carillon encouraged his University of Kansas peers to compose for the carillon, and he produced many of his own compositions.

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Carillon music was first published in North America in 1934.

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In 1968, the Anton Brees Carillon Library was established at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida, US; it contains large collections of carillon music and related materials.

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Carillon recitals are traditional performances that take place on fixed schedules throughout the week.

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World Carillon Federation is the central organization of carillon players and enthusiasts.

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Carillon's connected a traditional baton keyboard to a system of chime bars and fixed the structure to a portable frame.

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