24 Facts About Carlyle Group


Carlyle Group is a multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services corporation based in the United States with $376 billion of assets under management.

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In 2015, Carlyle was the world's largest private equity firm by capital raised over the previous five years, according to the PEI 300 index, though by 2020, it had slipped into second place.

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On May 3,2012, Carlyle Group completed a US$700 million initial public offering and began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

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Carlyle Group developed a reputation for acquiring businesses related to the defense industry.

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In 1992, Carlyle Group completed the acquisition of the Electronics division of General Dynamics Corporation, renamed GDE Systems, a producer of military electronics systems.

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Carlyle Group acquired Magnavox Electronic Systems, the military communications and electronic-warfare systems segment of Magnavox, from Philips Electronics in 1993.

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Carlyle Group sold Magnavox for about $370 million to Hughes Aircraft Company in 1995.

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Carlyle Group invested in Vought Aircraft through a partnership with Northrop Grumman.

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Carlyle Group completed an IPO of United Defense on the New York Stock Exchange in December 2001, then sold the rest of the stock in April 2004.

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At the time, Carlyle Group, which had been founded 15 years earlier had accumulated $13.

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Carlyle Group's investment was immediately challenged when Hawaii regulators delayed the closing of the buyout.

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Carlyle Group suffered billing and customer-service issues as it had to recreate its back-office systems.

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In September 2006, Carlyle led a consortium, comprising Blackstone Group, Permira and TPG Capital, in the $17.

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Also in 2006, Carlyle Group acquired Oriental Trading Company which ultimately declared bankruptcy in August 2010 as well as Forba Dental Management, the owner of Small Smiles Dental Centers, the largest US chain of dental clinics for children.

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Carlyle Group said in a statement it now owned 70 percent of Sagemcom, while the company's management and employees had the remaining 30 percent.

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In October 2017, The Carlyle Group announced that its founders would remain executive chairmen on the board of directors but step down as the day-to-day leaders of the firm; they named Glenn Youngkin and Kewsong Lee to succeed them, as co-CEOs, effective January 1,2018.

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In September 2020, The Carlyle Group acquired a majority stake in Minneapolis-based sanitizing machine maker Victory Innovations.

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In January 2021, The Carlyle Group acquired a majority stake in Jagex, a UK video game development studio known for the massively multiplayer online game RuneScape.

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In March 2022, The Carlyle Group acquired Dainese - an Italian motorcycle kit and clothing company from Investcorp.

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In May 2012, Carlyle Group completed an initial public offering of the company, listing under the symbol CG on the NASDAQ.

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In June 2017, Carlyle Group took its non-traded BDC, TCG BDC, Inc, public in the first business development company IPO since 2014.

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In 2011, Carlyle Group acquired AlpInvest and has integrated the business, including its leading fund-of-funds and secondary platforms, significantly expanding Carlyle Group's global asset management business.

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Carlyle Group has been actively expanding its investment activities and assets under management through a series of acquisitions and joint-ventures.

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The Guernsey-based affiliate of Carlyle Group was very heavily leveraged, up to 32 times by some accounts, and it expected its creditors to seize its remaining assets.

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