45 Facts About Carol Burnett Show

1. Bette Davis was the only famous figure who Carol Burnett Show was unable to feature as a guest on her show.

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2. Carol Burnett Show was an endearing fan of the soap opera All My Children.

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3. Carol Burnett Show appeared in several episodes before the soap opera was cancelled in 2011.

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4. The Carol Burnett Show debuted on CBS in 1967 and, at a time when most variety shows had lost their popularity on American television, the show ran until 1979.

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5. Carol Burnett Show was a truly iconic piece of media.

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6. Carol Burnett Show had to use it to go to New York and give showbiz a try.

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7. Carol Burnett Show worked on a lot of creations for stage, movies, videos and the television.

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8. Carol Burnett Show manufactured numerous departures as a member of the panel on an American television game show.

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9. Carol Burnett Show was the first actress in the world who showed on the children series on November 10, 1969.

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10. Carol Burnett Show showed in several spectacular roles, especially in the Television Films that named after "Friendly Fire.

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11. Carol Burnett Show sought to do many other shows so; she agreed to take every season that she wanted to make.

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12. Carol Burnett Show was a radiate member in a very short character on The Paul Winchell Dietrich and Jerry Mahoney Event in the year of 1955.

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13. At that point, Carol Burnett Show thought she was in a fantasy kind of life.

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14. Carol Burnett Show was one of the most fabulous shows ever on TV, and certainly the best of its type, the variety show, which is gone now.

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15. Carol Burnett Show was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1985 and into California Hall of Fame in 2009.

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16. Carol Burnett Show was raised in Hollywood, California, by her grandmother Mabel.

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17. Carol Burnett Show added, "Look at our friend Clint Eastwood [who married a woman 36 years younger], look at our friend—I say, if it's good enough for the fellows, it's good enough for the girls.

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18. Carol Burnett Show was married twice before walking down the aisle with Miller.

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19. Carol Burnett Show appealed publicly for stricter drug laws and railed against stores that routinely sold drug paraphernalia.

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20. Carol Burnett Show would start every show with a question-and-answer session with the audience, an idea she borrowed from her stint on Garry Moore's show.

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21. Carol Burnett Show attended UCLA in 1951, originally to pursue a degree in English writing.

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22. Carol Burnett Show was born on April 26, 1933, in San Antonio, Texas; her family moved to Hollywood, California when she was three.

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23. Carol Burnett Show had an overbite resulting in a weak chin, and her daughter had an underbite.

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24. Carol Burnett Show had long been a fan of the soap opera All My Children, and realized a dream when Agnes Nixon created the role of Verla Grubbs for her in 1976.

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25. Carol Burnett Show was the first celebrity to appear on the children's series Sesame Street, on that series' first episode on November 10, 1969.

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26. Carol Burnett Show starred in a few films while her variety show was running, including Pete 'n' Tillie.

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27. Carol Burnett Show's enduring popularity surprised many when a 2001 retrospective containing outtakes and discussions with the cast, and a tribute to Bob Mackie, drew in 30 million viewers, topping the Emmy Awards as well as all but the final game of that year's World Series.

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28. Carol Burnett Show ended each show by tugging on her left ear, which was a message to her grandmother.

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29. Carol Burnett Show had her television special debut in 1963 when she starred as Calamity Jane in the Dallas State Fair Musicals production of Calamity Jane on CBS.

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30. Carol Burnett Show has appeared on various talk shows and as a panelist on game shows.

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31. In 2013, Carol Burnett Show won one of greatest honors bestowed on comedians.

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32. In 1959, Carol Burnett Show became a regular on the Garry Moore Show.

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33. Carol Burnett Show has appeared in a number of feature films, and on Broadway.

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34. Carol Burnett Show was involved in one memorable legal spat, while her show was still on the air.

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35. Carol Burnett Show is synonymous with Burnett, but Harvey Korman was there for pretty much the entire run and is just as well known for his time on the show as Burnett.

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36. Carol Burnett Show wanted the family to be from the south, but the producers insisted they be from the Midwest.

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37. Carol Burnett Show would tug at her ear as a simple little reminder of her grandmother.

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38. Carol Burnett Show managed to have a chance meeting with Korman in a parking lot and pretty much begged him to join her show.

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39. Carol Burnett Show was immensely successful, winning a whole cabinet full of awards, but wasn't without its share of backstage drama.

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40. Carol Burnett Show added that the script she started with her daughter gave her the strength to move on.

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41. Carol Burnett Show complied, prompting a security guard to kick open a nearby door, burst in and point his gun at her.

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42. On September 13, 2016, Carol Burnett Show released her memoir about the show titled In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem, and Fun in the Sandbox.

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43. Carol Burnett Show was rehearsed each day until its two Friday tapings.

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44. Carol Burnett Show often ad-libbed funny answers, but occasionally ended up as the straightman.

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45. Carol Burnett Show signed a contract with CBS for 10 years which required her to do two guest appearances and a special a year.

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