17 Facts About Carrie Kelley


Caroline Keene Kelley is a superheroine from Frank Miller's graphic novels Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and its sequels Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again and The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

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Carrie Kelley becomes the new Robin in The Dark Knight Returns when she saves Batman's life.

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Carrie Kelley is a 13-year-old schoolgirl and scout whom Batman saves from a sadistic group of Mutant gang members on the night of his return from retirement.

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Carrie Kelley wears green-tinted sunglasses instead of a black domino mask.

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Carrie Kelley practically drags him back to the Batmobile and makes a sling for his arm out of part of her cape and a piece of pipe.

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When she sees Batman with Carrie Kelley leaping in mid-air and barely catching a passing hang-glider, Yindel adds child endangerment to the growing list of charges against Batman.

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Carrie Kelley wears a skin-tight cat costume with a leopard pattern, and is trained extensively in combat.

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Carrie Kelley's equipment includes motorised rollerskates and an arm cannon that fires batarangs.

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Carrie Kelley leads them into battle, liberating imprisoned heroes such as the Atom and Flash.

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Carrie Kelley beats him up and tells the others to treat him but not bother with anesthetic.

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Carrie Kelley has been referred to as "The daughter [Batman] never had" but as "jailbait".

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Carrie Kelley eventually comes into conflict with a supernatural man resembling Joker and attempts to kill the man with arrows, thermite, acid and C4.

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Carrie Kelley's lips are badly lacerated and several of her bones are broken in the fight.

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Later, Carrie Kelley tells Yindel the story about Batman passing on his bed after being beaten by a villain.

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Bruce and Carrie Kelley go to the Fortress of Solitude and wakes Superman, who has been sitting and covered by ice for three years.

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Carrie Kelley defends herself and using a slingshot and a small kryptonite rock she disfigures Baal's face.

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Carrie Kelley is a college student and Damian Wayne's acting instructor.

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