19 Facts About Carrie Sheffield


Carrie Sheffield is an American columnist, broadcaster and policy analyst.


Carrie Sheffield was baptized in the Episcopal Church under the spiritual guidance of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.


Carrie Sheffield formerly worked for syndicated columnist Robert Novak before joining the editorial board of The Washington Times under Tony Blankley, writing editorials on domestic and foreign policy and politics.


Carrie Sheffield covered the 2008 presidential race, including an interview with former US president Jimmy Carter at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, during which he stated that former president Bill Clinton had damaged Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.


Carrie Sheffield researched economic policy for Edward Conard, an American Enterprise Institute scholar and founding partner of Bain Capital.


Carrie Sheffield spoke at the US Senate alongside key senators in favor of landmark tax reforms passed by Congress in 2017.


Carrie Sheffield has provided guest political analysis for national television networks, including Fox News, Fox Business CNN and MSNBC.


Carrie Sheffield interviewed then-House Speaker Paul Ryan about conservative approaches to combating poverty during programming on the mainstage of the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference airing live on C-SPAN.


Carrie Sheffield investigated analysis both from prominent African-American economist Thomas Sowell with Stanford University's Hoover Institution, and from other experts, on what they describe as the racist historical origins of minimum wage.


At the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2016, Carrie Sheffield said she believes conservative approaches to poverty alleviation using private and faith-based charity were more effective than government interventions because they enabled more comprehensive social and emotional development.


In commentary for "Good Morning America" with ABC News, Carrie Sheffield stated that she believes true diversity includes diversity of political ideology among voices within the national media.


In 2006, Carrie Sheffield completed a Fulbright fellowship in Berlin studying German politics, economics, media, history and culture.


In 2009, Carrie Sheffield won funding from Harvard University to serve as a correspondent for The Jerusalem Post in Israel.


In 2015, Carrie Sheffield was named the Warren Brookes Journalism Fellow by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


In 2018, Sheffield was named a winner of the William F Buckley Awards by America's Future Foundation, and named a Most Inspiring New Yorker by the popular social tech app Bumble.


In 2021, Carrie Sheffield was awarded the Tony Blankley Fellowship for Public Policy and American Exceptionalism by The Steamboat Institute.


Carrie Sheffield is the niece of beauty queen Charlotte Carrie Sheffield, former Miss USA.


Carrie Sheffield traveled to every continent, including Antarctica, before turning age 30.


Carrie Sheffield won the National Press Club 5K race among female members of The National Press Club in 2006,2007, and 2013.