23 Facts About Carth Onasi


Carth Onasi is a fictional character and party member in the 2003 action role-playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts.


Carth Onasi later appears as a recurring supporting character in the monthly Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic prequel comic book series.


Carth Onasi is voiced by American actor Raphael Sbarge in the video games.


Carth Onasi originated in pen and paper West End Games Star Wars RPG sessions held by the game's lead designer, James Ohlen.


Carth Onasi was visualized by John Gallagher, concept art director of the game, though Gallagher considered the character's final visual design to be lacking in distinctiveness and is "largely disposable".


Carth Onasi is voiced by Raphael Sbarge; Darragh O'Farrell, the voice-over director for the game, noted that he had previously worked with a relatively inexperienced Sbarge for the 1998 video game Grim Fandango, and that he was much improved from a mic-technique standpoint by the time he was cast as Carth Onasi.


Series writer John Jackson Miller clarified that while he had always intended Carth to be on board the Courageous for the Battle of Vanquo, the specific character was not originally meant to be Onasi as Miller did not specifically instruct the issue's artist Dustin Weaver to depict a specific character.


Carth Onasi is presented as an expert pilot who is the pilot-in-command of the Ebon Hawk, and a war veteran who specializes in dual-wielding blaster pistols.


Carth Onasi is available as a heterosexual romance option for a female player character in the game, with a branching arc leading to two different endings which is dependent on dialogue choices that cumulatively orient her towards a light or dark side alignment.


Carth Onasi is assigned to the cruiser Endar Spire during the Jedi Civil War when it was ambushed by a Sith fleet over the planet Taris.


Revan tasked Carth Onasi with protecting the Republic and left in search for the true Sith Empire in the Unknown Regions prior to the events of the game.


Carth Onasi first appears in Issue No 8 of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic series as the helmsman serving aboard the Inexpugnable-class tactical command ship Courageous.


Carth Onasi is often referred to by the nickname "Fleet" during this time period.


Carth Onasi participates in several battles, where he eventually met the fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick, who is disguised as a janitor.


Carth Onasi later appears in a more prominent role for several of the series' story arcs.


Carth Onasi is an unlockable character in the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.


Carth Onasi proved to be a divisive character among commentators.


Stephen Bush from The New Statesman commented that "Carth Onasi's only redeeming feature is that you can leave him aboard your ship once you leave Knights' crushingly dull tutorial world of Taris".


Owen said Carth Onasi is much less interesting to converse with in contrast to Atton.


John Jackson Miller said Carth Onasi was his favorite out of the series' secondary characters who originated from the video games, and he particularly enjoyed writing Carth Onasi's brotherly dynamic with series protagonist Zayne Carrick.


Kane is of the view that Carth Onasi is a complex hero who is underrated by many series fans, though the game's producer Mike Gallo observed that there are revelers at fan conventions who publicly show their appreciation for the character.


Fenlon decided that since Carth Onasi "showed up disguised as Kaidan in Mass Effect", he refused to bring him along to missions as a squad mate.


Carth Onasi noted on reflection that his dislike of Kaidan is an extension of his dislike of Carth's "smug, holier-than-thou voice", and that hearing it immediately made him angry.