38 Facts About Case Keenum

1. Case Keenum explains why he selected the US Army for his.

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2. Case Keenum explains why he selected the US Army for his helmet sticker for the NFL's Salute to Service campaign showing thanks for those who have served in all branches of the US military.

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3. Case Keenum reflects on why Salute to Service is important to him.

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4. Case Keenum signed in the offseason to provide stability at.

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5. Jared Goff and, randomly, Case Keenum are the only gunslingers to surpass 20 points in a game against the 'Hawks.

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6. Case Keenum is set to make $18M in 2019 with $7M of it guaranteed; regardless, Denver is going to be adding a quarterback or two this offseason.

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7. Case Keenum told Andy Lindahl and Tyler Polumbus about heading up to the mountains during the bye week.

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8. Case Keenum says he's embracing the pressure of playing in Denver.

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9. Case Keenum looks to show he's part of longterm future with strong finish.

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10. Case Keenum will get at least another season to prove himself worth under center for the Denver Broncos, Brandon Stokley said.

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11. Case Keenum enjoys his best game with Broncos in loss to Texans.

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12. Case Keenum completed a big 18 yard pass on a 4th and 8 play with 50 seconds left in the 4th quarter to get Denver down to the Houston 37.

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13. Case Keenum talks about his time playing in Houston and what he learned from Texans head coach Bill O'Brien.

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14. Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum said on Wednesday that he grades himself only on the team's record.

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15. Case Keenum completed a 5-yard pass to tight end Jeff Heuerman and instead of sprinting up to the line, the Broncos took.

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16. Case Keenum threw a 5-yard pass to tight end Jeff Heuerman, who had a career-best 10.

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17. Case Keenum is still in search of his first game with the Broncos where he posts a passer rating better than 100.

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18. Case Keenum has half season to make case to be Broncos' long-term answer at QB.

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19. Case Keenum met Kimberly Caddell at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes event while the pair were in high school.

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20. Case Keenum is a Christian, and after the Vikings' 2018 divisional playoff win said "giving his life to Jesus Christ" was the best moment of his life.

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21. On March 31, 2017, Case Keenum signed a one-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

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22. On November 15, 2016, Case Keenum was benched for Jared Goff, who the Rams had taken with the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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23. Case Keenum recovered from the concussion and led the Rams to consecutive victories against the Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Seattle Seahawks.

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24. On March 11, 2015, Case Keenum was acquired from the Texans for a 7th-round pick in 2016.

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25. On December 15, 2014, Case Keenum was signed off the Rams practice squad back to the Houston Texans.

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26. In the end, Case Keenum completed 15 of 25 passes for 271 yards and a touchdown, along with a 110.6 passer rating, the highest by a Texan quarterback in the season.

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27. Case Keenum passed for 532 yards, and threw three touchdown passes.

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28. Case Keenum enrolled in the University of Houston College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences studying for a master's degree in physical administration with a concentration on sports administration.

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29. On October 27, 2011, Case Keenum set the all-time NCAA Division I passing touchdowns record by throwing for nine touchdowns against Rice.

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30. Case Keenum earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Houston Bauer College of Business in December 2010.

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31. Case Keenum played at quarterback in all thirteen games of the season, starting in seven.

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32. Case Keenum made his first collegiate appearance on September 1, 2007 when the Cougars opened the season at the Oregon Ducks.

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33. Case Keenum began his college career for the Houston Cougars during the 2006 season.

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34. Case Keenum earned varsity letters in basketball and track during his high school career.

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35. Case Keenum once again became a free agent, and signed a two-year deal with the Broncos in March 2018.

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36. In the 2008 college football season, Case Keenum ranked first nationally in total offense and second in total passing yards.

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37. Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum has so far endured a tumultuous career.

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38. Case Keenum sticking by story of disrespect by Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien.

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