27 Facts About Catelyn Stark


Catelyn Stark is a prominent point of view character in the first three novels.


Catelyn Stark appears in the fourth novel, A Feast for Crows and will return in a prominent role for the forthcoming sixth novel, The Winds of Winter.


Catelyn Stark was initially disappointed as Eddard was shorter and perceived to be less handsome than his brother Brandon, but later fell in love with him after seeing the "good sweet heart beneath his solemn face".


Catelyn Stark is described as beautiful, with fair skin, long auburn hair, blue eyes, long fingers, high cheekbones and full breasts, and dressed simply in the grey color of House Stark or the blue and red of her father's House Tully.


Catelyn Stark is proud, strong, kind and generous, has a strong grasp of politics, and is often governed by the desire to protect her children.


Catelyn Stark is a hooded woman, and has been mistaken for Beric Dondarrion's lover.


Catelyn Stark has been dubbed an "antagonist" or a "villain", especially an antagonist to Brienne.


Catelyn Stark is unable to speak properly due to her throat slashing, lending to one of her nicknames "the Silent Sister".


Catelyn Stark is referred to as "The Hangwoman" or "Mother Merciless".


Catelyn Stark is wounded in the attack, and travels to King's Landing to warn Eddard after recovering.


Catelyn Stark advises against Robb's plan to send Eddard's former ward, Theon Greyjoy, to forge an alliance with Balon Greyjoy.


Catelyn Stark is sent by Robb to attempt an alliance with Renly Baratheon and his massive Reach-Stormlands host.


The Freys then mutilate Robb's corpse, and throw Catelyn Stark's stripped naked corpse into the Green Fork in mockery of House Tully's tradition of river burial.


Catelyn Stark is then resurrected by Lord Beric Dondarrion, who sacrifices his life force to revive her in repayment to her husband Eddard's honoring.


Catelyn Stark then assumes command of the Brotherhood, and changes their aim to terrorizing anyone related to House Frey and Lannister.


Catelyn Stark is an important part of the entire book.


Jennifer Ehle was originally cast as Catelyn Stark and filmed her scenes in the unaired pilot until she eventually left for family reasons.


Catelyn Stark's storyline is abbreviated and has minor differences in the first season.


The first season excludes Catelyn Stark's extended family from A Game of Thrones, with the exception of Lysa Arryn and Catelyn Stark's nephew, Robin.


Additionally, Catelyn Stark confronts Jaime Lannister for throwing Bran from the tower by the end of the first season.


Meanwhile, in the novels, Catelyn Stark has gradually come to this belief over time in the first two novels, before Jaime admits it in his drunken state by the end of the second novel.


Catelyn Stark's journey passing the Bloody Gate to meet Blackfish and later ascending the Gates of the Moon and meeting King Robert's bastard daughter, Mya Stone is unseen.


Catelyn Stark is at Riverrun to receive Ned's bones by silent sisters, whereas Petyr Baelish delivers them in the Stormlands shortly after her envoy mission to negotiate with the feuding Baratheon king-brothers, Renly and Stannis.


The episode "Dark Wings, Dark Words" shows Robb and Catelyn Stark receive seemingly definitive proof Bran and Rickon are dead.


However, in the show, Catelyn Stark blames her lack of maternal love for Jon on the reason for her family's tragedies and downfall.


Whereas in the novels, it is Catelyn Stark's face-clawing and laughter which points towards her insanity that leads to whispers of suggesting a mercy killing before she is finally killed.


Catelyn Stark admitted that he was unsure of her purpose, while admitting he had not read the novels:.