14 Facts About Cavalry


Cavalry had the advantage of improved mobility, and a soldier fighting from horseback had the advantages of greater height, speed, and inertial mass over an opponent on foot.

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Cavalry played a relatively minor role in ancient Greek city-states, with conflicts decided by massed armored infantry.

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Cavalry reorganized the Goryeo military into a professional army that would contain decent and well-trained cavalry units.

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Cavalry retained an important role in this age of regularization and standardization across European armies.

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Cavalry was important at Blenheim, Rossbach, Marengo, Eylau and Friedland, remaining significant throughout the Napoleonic Wars.

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Cavalry's dominating and menacing presence on the battlefield was countered by the use of infantry squares.

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Only after the end of the Napoleonic wars were the Household Cavalry equipped with cuirasses, and some other regiments were converted to lancers.

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Cavalry "flying columns" proved effective, or at least cost-effective, in many campaigns—although an astute native commander could turn the tables and use the greater mobility of their cavalry to offset their relative lack of firepower compared with European forces.

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Cavalry was extensively used in the Russian Civil War and the Soviet-Polish War.

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Cavalry were amongst the first Soviet units to complete the encirclement in the Battle of Stalingrad, thus sealing the fate of the German 6th Army.

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The modern Irish Defence Forces includes a "Cavalry Corps" equipped with armoured cars and Scorpion tracked combat reconnaissance vehicles.

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Today the Indian Army's 61st Cavalry is reported to be the largest existing horse-mounted cavalry unit still having operational potential.

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Argentine Army has two mounted cavalry units: the Regiment of Horse Grenadiers, which performs mostly ceremonial duties but at the same time is responsible for the president's security, and the 4th Mountain Cavalry Regiment, stationed in San Martin de los Andes, where it has an exploration role as part the 6th Mountain Brigade.

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Only the Household Cavalry are maintained for mounted ceremonial duties in London.

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