52 Facts About Cersei Lannister


Cersei Lannister subsequently appears in A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords, and becomes a prominent point of view character beginning with A Feast for Crows.


Cersei Lannister is Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros by marriage to King Robert Baratheon, who abuses her throughout their marriage.


Cersei Lannister has been involved in an incestuous affair with her twin brother, Jaime, since childhood.


All three of Cersei Lannister's children are Jaime's, which is unbeknownst to Robert.


Cersei Lannister is considered one of the most complex characters in the story.


Cersei Lannister was nominated for five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.


Cersei is the only daughter and the eldest child of 56-year-old Tywin Lannister and his late wife, Joanna; her twin brother, Jaime, was born soon after Cersei.


At the beginning of the novels, Cersei Lannister is 32 years old and has been queen consort for 14 years.


Cersei Lannister blamed Tyrion for Joanna's death and started to abuse him as a baby.


Cersei Lannister has an almost sociopathic view of the world and civilization.


Cersei Lannister became worthy with Rhaegar; feelings she hid from her brother as her father advised her.


Cersei Lannister informed Jaime that their father planned to marry him to Lysa Tully and persuaded him to join the Kingsguard in order to be near her, after the twins had slept together for the first time.


Cersei Lannister then resumed her incestuous affair with Jaime, resulting in the births of Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen.


Cersei Lannister spends her entire adult life attempting to subvert the prophecy and develops a strong paranoia, which eventually causes the prophecy to come to fruition.


Cersei is the only daughter and the eldest child of Tywin Lannister and his wife, Joanna; her twin brother, Jaime, was born soon after Cersei.


At the beginning of the series, Cersei Lannister is 37 years old and has been queen for 17 years.


Cersei Lannister is five years older than her book counterpart, and only four years older than Tyrion Lannister in the television series.


Additionally, Cersei Lannister had a firstborn, black-haired son born to Robert Baratheon who died as an infant.


Cersei Lannister had already arranged Robert's death in a hunting "accident"; when he dies, Cersei Lannister seizes control as regent and has Eddard arrested for treason.


Cersei Lannister intends for Ned to publicly confess and join the Night's Watch as punishment, but instead Joffrey orders him executed.


Once at the capital, Tyrion enters into a bitter power struggle with Cersei Lannister, subverting her authority and removing her supporters from positions of power.


In Jaime's absence, Cersei takes their cousin Lancel Lannister as her lover, an affair that Tyrion discovers.


Cersei Lannister manipulates Tyrion's trial to ensure a guilty verdict, by bribing and intimidating witnesses.


When Tyrion demands a trial by combat, Cersei Lannister selects the imposing Gregor Clegane, "The Mountain," as the Crown's champion.


Cersei Lannister is in complete control of the capital.


Cersei Lannister is haunted by the prophecy of the valonqar, whom she considers Tyrion, so she promises a lordship to whoever brings her Tyrion's head.


Cersei Lannister sends a letter to Jaime, asking him for help, but he ignores her request and burns her letter.


Cersei Lannister is nevertheless punished with a walk of atonement, forcing her to strip and walk naked through the capital in full view of the public.


Cersei Lannister is played by Lena Headey in the television adaption of the book series.


Cersei Lannister learns that her husband Robert is in danger of finding out that the children he sees as his heirs to the throne are not his.


Cersei Lannister is delighted but her joy turns to anger when Tywin orders her to marry Loras.


When Jaime returns to King's Landing, he immediately seeks out Cersei Lannister, who is shocked to discover that his sword hand has been cut off.


Indeed, at Tyrion's trial, it is apparent Cersei Lannister has manipulated the proceedings so that the witnesses give either incomplete or entirely false testimonies to implicate Tyrion and Sansa further in the murder.


When Tyrion demands a trial by combat, Cersei Lannister chooses Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane as royal champion, to further diminish Tyrion's chances, and bribes Bronn via betrothal to a noblewoman, to secure his veto as Tyrion's champion.


Cersei Lannister's wish comes true when Tyrion's champion, Oberyn Martell, is killed by Clegane.


Cersei Lannister still refuses to marry Loras, threatening even to reveal the truth of her incestuous relationship with Jaime and their three blond children.


Cersei Lannister receives a threat from Dorne, where Myrcella is betrothed to Trystane Martell, and sends Jaime to Dorne to retrieve her.


Cersei Lannister is eventually allowed to return to the Red Keep after confessing to having committed adultery with Lancel, but has her hair cut off and is forced to walk naked through the streets of King's Landing as atonement.


Cersei Lannister remains in the Red Keep, confined to her chambers and stripped of her authority.


Cersei Lannister arranges for a cache of wildfire to be detonated beneath the Sept during Loras' trial, which kills the High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras, and the rest of the Small Council.


Cersei Lannister remains cold and distant after Tommen's suicide, viewing it as a betrayal of their family.


Cersei Lannister reaches out to the King of the Iron Islands, Euron Greyjoy, to form an alliance, but rejects Euron's marriage proposal as she considers him untrustworthy.


Cersei Lannister agrees to marry Euron after the war is won; however, she continues her affair with Jaime, no longer attempting to hide their relationship from their servants.


Cersei Lannister then has the Lannister and Tarly armies attack Highgarden, defeating the Tyrells.


Jaime barely survives the battle and encourages Cersei Lannister to consider a ceasefire.


Cersei Lannister is skeptical but agrees, and tells Jaime that she is pregnant.


Cersei Lannister is informed that the White Walkers have breached the Wall, to her delight.


When Euron returns to King's Landing, Cersei Lannister reveals that she is pregnant and lies that it is his.


Daenerys subsequently launches an attack on the Iron Fleet, the Red Keep, and the anti-dragon defenses Cersei Lannister has had installed on King's Landing's walls, but then continues to burn the rest of the city.


Cersei Lannister has been praised as one of the most complex and multi-faceted characters in either version of the story.


In Rolling Stone list of the "30 Best Game of Thrones Villains", Cersei Lannister was ranked No 1.


Cersei Lannister received five nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2014,2015,2016,2018 and 2019.