11 Facts About Charleston RiverDogs


Charleston RiverDogs are a Minor League Baseball team of the Carolina League.

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In 1997 saw the RiverDogs leave the 84-year-old College Park and move into the brand-new 5,500-seat Joseph P Riley, Jr.

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In 1998, the Charleston RiverDogs were the first professional baseball team to broadcast live video on the internet, and the first team to broadcast video of their entire home season.

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In 2003 saw the beginning of a new era as the Charleston RiverDogs played well on the field and posted a winning season for the first time since 2000.

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Charleston RiverDogs faced the hated rival Capital City in the first round but were swept two games to none.

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The Charleston RiverDogs became the Class Single-A affiliate of the New York Yankees on September 15,2004.

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The Charleston RiverDogs were quick to name hitting coach Greg Colbrunn as the new manager for the 2010 season.

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Day following the 2015 Charleston church shooting, the RiverDogs decided to proceed with their regularly scheduled game, with Dave Echols, the team's general manager, saying: "We feel it is our duty not to let the acts of one radical human being dictate our lives".

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The Charleston RiverDogs donated the proceeds of the night's game to the charity set up for the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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Charleston RiverDogs Seagulls became the first professional baseball team to play in Charleston RiverDogs.

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In 1973, the Charleston RiverDogs Pirates were born, who were affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and for the first time since 1893 were playing in a league other than the South Atlantic League, they were in the Western Carolinas League.

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