11 Facts About Charlie Hunter


Charlie Hunter was born on May 23,1967 and is an American guitarist, composer, and bandleader.


Charlie Hunter attended Berkeley High School and took lessons from rock guitarist Joe Satriani.


Charlie Hunter has stated that busking in Paris gave him on the job training.


Charlie Hunter co-founded Garage a Trois, a jazz fusion band with Stanton Moore and Skerik, and Groundtruther with Bobby Previte.


Charlie Hunter performed on three songs on D'Angelo's album Voodoo, including "The Root".


Charlie Hunter has stated that the session for the song was the most challenging session he has worked on.


Charlie Hunter was an inaugural member of the Independent Music Awards' judging panel to support independent artists.


Charlie Hunter currently plays 6 and 7 string guitars made by Hybrid Guitars Co.


Charlie Hunter played chords and lead guitar solos on the bottom five strings, and simultaneously played bass lines on the top three strings.


In 2006, Charlie Hunter removed the top guitar string and had the neck of his guitar reworked and now plays a modified 7-string on the formerly-8 string body.


Charlie Hunter has mentioned that because of his small hands, he had to move out of position to make use of the 8th string and thus wasn't using it much.