14 Facts About Charlottetown


Charlottetown is the capital and largest city of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, and the county seat of Queens County.

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Charlottetown was selected as the site for the county seat of Queens County in the colonial survey of 1764 by Captain Samuel Holland of the Royal Engineers.

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The province's first health care facility, the Charlottetown Hospital, was opened by the Diocese of Charlottetown in 1879, which was followed by the publicly operated Prince Edward Island Hospital in 1884.

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Charlottetown's shipyards were used extensively during World War II, being used for refits and upgrades to numerous Royal Canadian Navy warships.

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Charlottetown is situated on its namesake harbour, which is formed by the confluence of three rivers in the central part of the island's south shore.

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Charlottetown has a humid continental climate moderated partially by Prince Edward Island's location in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

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Downtown Charlottetown includes the city's historic five hundred lots, as surveyed by Captain Samuel Holland, as well as the waterfront facing the harbour and the Hillsborough River.

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Present-day Charlottetown landscape is dominated by urban development along the waterfront areas, suburban development to the west, north and east, as well as the airport to the north.

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The Charlottetown Festival itself is headlined by Canada's most popular and longest-running musical, Anne of Green Gables - The Musical, which is an adaptation of Island author Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel.

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Charlottetown has numerous parks and playing fields for soccer, baseball, softball, football, rugby, and field hockey.

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Charlottetown has seven seats in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island.

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Charlottetown Transit was founded in 2005 and offers 10 bus routes around town.

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Absence of public transit for many decades in Charlottetown resulted in a dependence on personal use of automobiles, with municipal governments constructing three large above-ground parking garages in the city's historic district to house vehicles of downtown workers.

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Charlottetown is home to several campuses of Holland College, the province's community college.

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