20 Facts About Chase Young

1. Chase Young was then destroyed after losing to a Shen Yi Bu Dare against Omi.

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2. Chase Young owns a Chihuahua named "Muffin Face" that he has Jack Spicer walk as a method of payment for his services in "Something Jermaine".

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3. Chase Young was last time seen in "Wu Got the Power", only to get destroyed a third time.

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4. Chase Young attempted to take control of the video game company, but was beaten by Kimiko in a Xiaolin Showdown playing Goo Zombies 4.

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5. Chase Young makes a cameo in "Time After Time" at the all-villains final showdown.

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6. Chase Young served as one of the major antagonists in season 3.

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7. Chase Young eventually finds the Xiaolin Dragon Chi in the Shanga World, absorbing all the chi of deceased Xiaolin dragons.

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8. Chase Young still plans on destroying the Xiaolin, destroying the temple in the process.

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9. Chase Young mainly plans to turn Omi evil in season two.

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10. The only person Chase Young shows some respect to is Omi.

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11. Chase Young was once a Xiaolin Warrior and a near Xiaolin Dragon until Hannibal Roy Bean came along.

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12. Chase Young can create artificial intelligence and several effective weapons, and seems to be at his happiest tinkering with things in his Robotics Lab.

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13. Chase Young is a wisecracking dragon of the Chinese variety, though he lacks legs.

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14. Chase Young accepts the ways of things, and hardly ever battles unless necessary.

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15. Chase Young often makes the four Dragons do very difficult tasks encouraging teamwork, including forcing them to pull a huge rock-up a cliff.

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16. Chase Young was inspired by hearing legends of the Xiaolin monks and decides to join them on their adventures.

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17. Chase Young is the fifth monk chosen at the Xiaoin Temple as the Xiaolin Dragon of the Wood element.

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18. Chase Young is always polite and occasionally dispenses down-home pearls of wisdom.

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19. Chase Young is a sharp, quick-witted kid, and the jester of the team.

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20. Chase Young takes his work very seriously and is the only one that wears his Xiaolin robe at almost all times.

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