7 Facts About Chayanne

1. In 2010, Chayanne made the Hispanic American Spanish dubbing of lead character Flynn Rider in the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Tangled.

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2. In 2008, Chayanne played the title role on the television series Gabriel: Amor Inmortal.

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3. The next year, Chayanne released Sincero which featured two number-one songs, "Un Siglo Sin Ti" and "Cuidarte el Alma".

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4. On November 1, 1988, Chayanne released the eponymous second self-titled album, Chayanne.

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5. In the 1980s, Chayanne participated in several soap operas and starred in the comedy series Generaciones with Luis Antonio Rivera.

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6. On March 14, 2015, Chayanne released a new single titled, "Tu respiracion", serving as the theme song for the 2015 soap opera Lo imperdonable.

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7. On October 12, 2009, Chayanne released a new single titled "Me Enamore de Ti", serving as the theme song for the 2009 soap opera Corazon Salvaje.

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