10 Facts About Chen Shih-chung


Chen Shih-chung served as Minister of Health and Welfare from 2017 to 2022, gaining wide recognition in 2020 as the public face of Taiwan's COVID-19 efforts.


Chen Shih-chung was the Democratic Progressive Party candidate for Taipei Mayor in the 2022 election.


Chen Shih-chung became the director of Taipei City Dentists Association in 1987 and stayed in the position until he was promoted to executive director in 1991.


At a press conference after being sworn in as the health and welfare minister on 8 February 2017, Chen Shih-chung said that he would continue the current policy of the ministry and would try to avoid big personnel changes.


Chen Shih-chung flew to Geneva, Switzerland, and arrived on 20 May 2017 despite the absence of invitation for Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly in 2017.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the arrangement for Chen Shih-chung to attend bilateral meetings outside the assembly including other events, such as press conference, interviews and Taiwan Night held by non-governmental organization.


Chen Shih-chung has become widely recognized in Taiwan as the main speaker at daily press conferences given by the Taiwan Centre for Disease Control.


Chen Shih-chung said it is on track to reach up to 100,000 new infections daily.


Chen Shih-chung was named the Democratic Progressive Party candidate for the Taipei mayoralty in July 2022.


On 14 July 2022, Chen Shih-chung announced his resignation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, citing a need to focus on his first campaign for electoral office.