11 Facts About Chen Shu-chu


Chen Shu-chu is a vegetable vendor and philanthropist from Taitung County, Taiwan.

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Chen Shu-chu was one of the 48 heroes of philanthropy by Forbes in 2010.

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Shu-chu Chen graduated from Jen-Ai elementary school at Taitung City, Taiwan.

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Chen Shu-chu lived in a household of eight who were all dependent on her father, a vegetable vendor.

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Chen Shu-chu's mother died due to dystocia because the family could not afford the medical expenses.

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Chen Shu-chu took over the burden of earning a living so her older brother could go to college.

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Chen Shu-chu's daily spending is under NT$100 which is equivalent three US dollars.

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Shu-chu Chen was invited to attend the flag-raising ceremony of the 107 National Day of the Republic of China held by Taitung City Government.

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At first Shu-chu Chen did not want to participate in the banquet in the US hosted by Time, but the president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou called encouraging her to attend the event.

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Chen Shu-chu donated the US$50,000 award to Mackay Memorial Hospital's Taitung branch.

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Chen Shu-chu finds joy and happiness in helping others, and is fulfilled.

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