13 Facts About Chicago Cardinals


The Cardinals, along with the Chicago Bears, were founding members of the National Football League in 1920.

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In 1898, Chicago Cardinals painting and building contractor Chris O'Brien established an amateur Chicago Cardinals-based athletic club football team named the "Morgan Athletic Club".

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Original Racine Street Chicago Cardinals team disbanded in 1906 mostly for lack of local competition.

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The Cardinals and the Chicago Bears are the only charter members of the NFL still in existence, though the Green Bay Packers, which joined the league in 1921, existed prior to the formation of the NFL.

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The person keeping the minutes of the first league meeting, unfamiliar with the nuances of Chicago football, recorded the Cardinals as from Racine, Wisconsin.

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Staleys and Chicago Cardinals played each other twice in 1920 as the Racine Chicago Cardinals and the Decatur Staleys, making their rivalry the oldest in the NFL.

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Two teams played to a tie in 1921, when the Staleys won all but two games, thus the Chicago Cardinals came within 1 point of costing the Staleys a second consecutive championship in the league's first two years of existence.

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Chicago Cardinals argued that his team did not deserve to take the title over a team which had beaten them fairly.

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Chicago Cardinals were one of the few NFL teams to host African-American players in the 1920s—most notably Duke Slater.

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Chicago Cardinals posted a winning record only twice in the 20 years after their 1925 championship ; including 10 straight losing seasons from 1936 to 1945.

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However, these negotiations came to nothing, probably because the Bidwills wanted to maintain control of the Chicago Cardinals and were only willing to sell a minority stake in the team.

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Italics = played a portion of career with the Chicago Cardinals and enshrined representing another teamDierdorf, Smith, Wehrli and Wilson were members of the St Louis Football Ring of Fame in The Dome at America's Center when the Rams played there from 1995 to 2015.

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Chicago Cardinals have the distinction of being the only team in American professional football history to score exactly 4 points in one game, or two safeties.

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