20 Facts About Chris Elliott


Chris Elliott appeared in comedic sketches on Late Night with David Letterman, created and starred in the comedy series Get a Life on Fox, and wrote and starred in the film Cabin Boy.


Chris Elliott's writing has won four consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards.


Chris Elliott appeared in the film Groundhog Day, There's Something About Mary, Snow Day and Scary Movie 2.


Chris Elliott attended the National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center for a semester.


Chris Elliott was hired as a production assistant on Late Night with David Letterman, and was with the show from its very beginning in February 1982.


Chris Elliott became known in the mid-to-late 1980s for playing an assortment of recurring quirky, oddball characters on Late Night.


Chris Elliott has a small supporting role in an episode of Miami Vice.

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In 1986, Chris Elliott co-wrote and starred in the Cinemax special FDR: A One Man Show, a spoof comedy about the life and times of the president.


Chris Elliott looked and sounded nothing like the man; he portrayed events from Roosevelt's life that never happened, such as a Japanese bombing of the White House, and his crossing the Potomac in a rowboat.


Chris Elliott left Late Night in early 1990, though he would return as a guest interview subject many times on Late Night and Letterman's subsequent talk show The Late Show with David Letterman.


In 1993, Chris Elliott teamed up with producer Brad Hall and directed a series of critically acclaimed short films that Chris Elliott showed when appearing on Late Show with David Letterman.


Chris Elliott became a cast member of Saturday Night Live in 1994.


Chris Elliott was nominated for a Razzie Award as Worst New Star.


In 2007, Chris Elliott again began appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman with fellow former Letterman writer Gerard Mulligan.


Chris Elliott played a serial killer in the series Third Watch in the episodes "The Hunter, Hunted" and "Greatest Detectives in the World" from season six.


Chris Elliott played the role of Peter in the last three seasons of Everybody Loves Raymond and a role in a semi-autobiographical sitcom pilot for CBS, entitled You've Reached the Elliotts, playing a man who tries to balance a modest show business career with his home life.


From 2009 to 2014, Chris Elliott played the estranged father of How I Met Your Mother character Lily Aldrin, whose relationship strengthened as the show progressed.


From February 3,2011 to January 16,2014, Chris Elliott starred in the Adult Swim series Eagleheart, produced by Conan O'Brien's production company, Conaco.


Chris Elliott was in an Avocados from Mexico commercial in February 2018.


Into Hot Air tells the story of Chris Elliott climbing Mount Everest with a group of celebrities tagging along to underwrite the trek as he investigates his Uncle Percy's failed Everest expedition.